Sunday, April 13, 2008

10 Things I Learned This Week

Whirlwind Week is officially over. Here is what came from it ...

1. Where's Justine Bateman?
I've already found my new watering hole here in London and it's called The Alex P. Keaton. How awesome is that? A bar named after Michael J. Fox's classic Family Ties character that features big plates of Sweet Potato Fries, unique beverage choices and live music every night, including Old School Hip Hop Saturdays. Cold beer and vintage Eric B. and Rakim? Sign me up.

2. I Miss My Store
Been to the new Blockbuster location twice and I gotta say, I'm not impressed. I won't go into detail and I knew this would be the case, but I really do wish everyone I rocked the Block with in St. John's had just relocated up here with me.

3. London Makes Me Read
No idea what it is, but me being in this city makes me read more. Or maybe it's that I have books on my nightstand that I want to read whenever I am here, but still. I knocked off three books when we were hear over Christmas killing deer and in the four days since I arrived, I've already just about finished How to Lose Friends and Alienate People with Black Like Me waiting in the wings. Sadly, I still can't find $40 Million Slaves anywhere in stores. Guess I'll have to order it.
4. Angelo's = Awesome
Having an Italian deli / butcher / grocer in my new backyard is tremendous. Shopping fresh daily is something that I am very much in favour of and being able to go next door, grab some fresh breads, meats, cheeses and snacks whenever I want is going to be a favourite activity all summer long.

5. Opportunity Will Knock
It hasn't yet, but they'll have the address shortly so that they can come calling. Checking out the possibility of doing some freelancing in the harness racing business, an industry that I grew up around and which provides a living for a number of close friends. Fingers crossed people, fingers crossed.

6. Already in Rhythm
Garry and I have found a nice rhythm to living together already. Playoff hockey, Blue Jays baseball and The Masters will do that for you. So too does the wicked new TV we're currently sitting in front of watching Montreal and Boston battle it out. But it's more than sports - meals, groceries, dishes, laughs, everything is falling into place and confirming even more that this was a good idea and will be a great summer.

7. Speaking of Montreal...
Of course I want my Red Wings to hoist Lord Stanley's Cup, but Montreal looks really, really good. All those people who called for Bob Gainey's head at the Trade Deadline need to offer up their apologies right about now. All Carey Price does is win. Last time I checked, that was a good thing.

8. Sarah is Settling in Too
Reports from the booming metropolis of Hopedale are great so far; no problems this first week, aside from a snow storm and she sounds more confident than I have ever heard her when it comes to her nursing skills, abilities and future. As an added bonus, she's adopted the Clinic's puppy and made it her mission to teach this dog some tricks.
9. Dude, Where's My Stuff?
Because it's not here yet. Talked to the fine folks from Ship It earlier in the week and was told one day this weekend. It's now Sunday night and no sign of them. Hopefully they come soon - the wardrobe is awful thin right about now.

10. Stop-Loss: Just Okay
As you know, I was really looking forward to seeing this film, Kim Peirce's second effort about soldiers being sent back to Iraq after their tours are completed. While I love the fact that it tackles a very difficult issue, contains the line "Fuck the President!" and has an Oscar-worthy performance from Joseph Gordon-Levitt, it still fell a little flat for me. Probably Ryan Phillippe's fault, since I don't really like him and he isn't great carrying this movie. Channing Tatum could have been even better too.

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