Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Back to Ontario and The Dark Ages

Goddamn today has been a long day. It's 4:30 in my world, but only 3:00 here in Cambridge, Ontario and the little library that could around the corner from Faye's place where I'll be holed up for the next day or two having a visit and detoxing from Newfoundland...

As nice as it is to be back in Ontario, shacking up at Faye's is like a trip back to The Dark Ages. I feel like Harrison Ford in Witness when he hides out in Amish country, except there is no barn-raising scene and I'm no John Book.

What does all that mean? It's means my mother lives in the goddamn Stone Age, sans TV save for two, sometimes three fuzzy channels on her 12" rotary dial television and devoid of the Internet. How in the world can someone survive in today's day and age without Internet access?

Which brings me to the little library around the corner and the timer counting down from 20 minutes in the top right corner of my screen, an indication of the amount of time I have left on my guest pass to accessing the Internet. Seriously, this is what it comes to for the next couple days. Your favourite blogging smart-ass tripping around the corner to write in twenty minute installments, so long as one of the six computers are free.

Nothing personal against my mom, but I think it goes without saying that I'm eager to relocate to London and as much Internet as my heart desires.

* * * * * * * * * *

I hate flying. I only figured this out today.

It's not the actual process that I hate, but more the lack of comfort a gentlemen of my, how shall I put this - carriage - can achieve cramped into the window seat while the complaining airhead in front of me insists on having her seat as far away from the upright position as possible.

Couple that with a 6 am departure, only pay-per-view movies and the $3 charge for headphones that I was certainly not going to pay (yes, I'm that cheap) and it makes for a long 2 hours in the friendly skies between St. John's and Toronto.

* * * * * * * * * *

Sarah's flight got delayed, so I spent most of the morning wondering if she had made it out of the St. John's Airport or not.

She called a couple hours ago and has arrived in Goose Bay for the night before shuttling off to Hopedale and her community of 600 people for the next 26 days. No, I'm not counting at all.

I miss you Baby Girl... glad you're okay!

* * * * * * * * * *

No regular access = No photos. Sorry for the lack of visual stimulation...

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