Friday, April 11, 2008

Soundtrack of My Life

Artist: City and Colour
Album: Sometimes (2005)

There are so many reasons why this song makes the cut for today's feature on the soundtrack.

We'll start with this week being my actual homecoming, as I landed in Ontario on Tuesday morning and in the three days I have been home, I've felt more comfortable than I did in nearly two years in Newfoundland.

Not to say anything against the people there and the friends I made - because I love you all - but there is just something about returning to a place where there are people you have long-standing relationships with that feels right. This is where my family is and having them close by is a comfort and something I have missed.

Except, the most important member of my family isn't here with me. She's away and that is part number two of the connection with this song.

Dallas Green - get it, city and colour - spins this song about being away from the one he loves and the stress and strain it puts on a relationship. Now, I'm not saying there is stress and strain between me and Sarah, because we're the furthest thing from it, but being away from one another, no matter what the circumstances, is heartache.

Well I've seen a palace in London
I've seen a castle in Wales
But I'd rather wake up beside you
And breathe that old familiar smell.

This line sums it all up perfectly. You could offer me anything in the world and provide me the greatest riches around, but I would take laying in the same bed as my beautiful girl over anything and that is an awesome feeling.

Finally, there is simply the musicality of the song itself.

I've said before that I have an incredible love of acoustic music - and if I haven't before then I just did now - and this song, as with all City and Colour songs, delivers in spades. It would also be extremely fair to say that I really love the wicked paradox between this project and Dallas Green's other project, Canadian hardcore stars Alexisonfire.

Do yourself a favour and look into City and Colour. Same as always, you can thank me later.

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E said...

OMG i just got it City nad Color....ohhhh.....another OMG i love this song and i love when i don't have to download a song to put on my spencer list cause i already have it.....makes me feel cool!!!