Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The Rundown: Resolutions Abound

It's the second day of 2008 and as tradition dictates, time to make a series of promises and pledges to myself and everyone else that I will undoubtedly break in the next two weeks but enter into with the greatest intentions.

Top Five Resolutions for 2008

5. Drop 20 Pounds
My 30th Birthday is a mere 300 odd days away and I don't want to look at myself in the mirror and cringe on that fateful morning. As it stands right now, I'm at my all-time heaviest, which some (read: Sarah) will tell me isn't big at all, while others (read: Faye) will cringe and tell me that I need to drop some weight. Walking to and from work a handful of times a week will make this a little easier... I hope. I'll keep you up to date throughout the year.

4. Write My Book
My man Patrick Smith will be glad to read this one, as he has been on me since the first time I sent him the small piece that has morphed into the origins of my book. I've got one chapter in the can and know exactly how I want to proceed, where I want the book to go and all like that, I just haven't ever had the guts to sit down and hammer out the story of my old man.

3. Eat Better
It goes hand in hand with dropping a few libs, but there is also the fact that I'm somewhat certain that ingesting KFC contributed to Sarah's appendix deciding to ruin our jaunt to Vancouver. I can't eat chicken wings from Don Cherry's without feeling ill, McDonald's just isn't the same anymore and I would much rather make a pizza at home than order it from anyone else, so this too might be easier than originally planned. Working next to a supermarket which allows for frequently grabbing fresh food to work with can't hurt either.

2. Read More
And I don't mean on ESPN or SI or anything like that either. I want to tie into some of the classics and some of those books I have always said I wanted to read. First up is Cuckoo's Nest and hopefully a new book will follow every couple of weeks. I've already stolen Tobin's running list of books I've read and will be updating it as I go along. All that being said, I will still be mixing in random magazines, every sports fantasy forecaster and journal they put into print and some totally obscure, non-classic books as well.

1. So Long Smoking
You and I both know that I won't give up the horrible habit entirely, as the odd dart will definitely get mixed in here and there over the course of time, most liking in unison with a pint of Guinness, but for the most part, that's it. The Tattoo Fund is in place and currently stands at $10 as I skipped over a pack earlier in the week to bring me $10 closer to adding more to my religious iconography tattoo on my arm, which will be followed up by a band of the flags of my heritage and the lyrics to Change. That's all I have mapped out for now.

* * * * * * * *
No idea what I'm going to change the name of this bad boy to yet...

We're still accepting submissions as well, so if the seven of you would care to get off your arses and give us an idea, that'd be grand!

* * * * * * * *
Saw P.S. I Love You Today... if there is an ounce of romantic in you, go see this movie. It really is great.

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Patrick Smith said...

Right on, Spen. That book ain't writin' itself. Go man.