Sunday, January 27, 2008

10 Things I Learned This Week

Those of you who have been paying attention or making regular Sunday visits will notice a slight change in the title this week and each week moving forward. Tossing the 10 up there just feels right. Besides, now you know how many points of nonsense you have to scroll through before reaching the end.

1. Heath Ledger (1979 - 2008)
Easily the most shocking thing I learned this week was that one of my favourite actors and one of the best of our time died. It was weird, coming home and being sitting here typing as Sarah questioned me, "Heath Ledger is dead?" stemming from the MSN name of one of her classmates. I couldn't Google his name fast enough, before finding out he had in fact been found dead earlier in the day. Say what you will about Brokeback Mountain, but just know that the performance Ledger gives in that film is one of the best ever. RIP Heath...

2. I'm All For Criticism
But please, if you're going to knock something I write, I ask two things of you: (1) at least be correct in your criticisms and (2) at least be original enough to give yourself a name. Like Captain Nemo a couple posts back. One, he pointed out my error in using the word "illicit" when I obviously meant "elicit" and two, he has a name. I have no idea who he is, but from here on out, Captain Nemo is our Grammar Police. I would much rather have Captain Nemo, Grammar Police telling me I'm a horrible speller and need to consult a dictionary than some Anonymous stranger incorrectly calling my latest Rundown a rip-off of the Stop Loss IMDB page.

3. Days Like Today Are The Best Days
Basically, I have written two articles, now three counting this one, had a killer breakfast, watched three movies (Murderball, Lost Boys of Sudan and the end of Superbad) and some Season Four of Friends, read a little and lounged around on the couch with the missus. What more could a guy ask for? The plan for tonight? A little more of all of the above... VERY NICE!

4. 27 Dresses: Cute Movie, Great Soundtrack
Listen, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out exactly what is going to happen in 27 Dresses, but even though you know where it'll end up, the journey is still fairly fun. Katherine Heigl has just suddenly become the new Romantic Comedy chick and that's a good thing because really, no one needs any more Mandy Moore or Sarah Jessica Parker, though a little more Rachel McAdams would be nice. Anyhow, best part of the movie, aside from me laughing to myself that at any moment James Marsden's eyes were going to go red and he was going to blast everyone - I mean, he is Cyclops after all - was the soundtrack. Nicely done people. A little Mark Ronson / Amy Winehouse "Valerie," a little Natasha Bedingfield "Who Knows" and a little Ray LaMontange "Be Here Now," which elicited an immediate "great song" call. Overall, it's a 7... nothing great, far from horrible.

5. Add Indy to My List of Must-See Movies
We've got the latest issue of Vanity Fair in the Reading Room and one of the feature articles is an interview with Steven Spielberg and George Lucas about the next Indiana Jones film and how it's taken years to get it done. Regardless of the schmaltz of the last Indy film and the fact that people are already grumbling about the inclusion of Shia LeBeouf, reportedly as Indy's son, I'm going to see this movie. It seems like I add another movie to my "Must See" List every day...

6. Too Much Super Bowl News
D'you know what really sucks about there being a full week between the participants for the big dance being determined and the big dance actually taking place? Not today when there is no football to watch, but the two weeks of stupidity in the media about every little thing that happens. Seriously, the Tom Brady walking cast things shouldn't be an issue to anyone. It's not as if there is even a 1% chance that he doesn't take every single snap in Arizona next Sunday.

7. Before May, There Might Be A Murder Upstairs
Honestly, if the 24-7 stomping and banging on the floor doesn't stop some time soon, in the words of Russell Peters' father, "Somebody gonna get a hurt real bad." I understand the 3-year-old likes to run around, but a 3-year-old doesn't sound like a herd of thunderous elephants. At least twice a day the lights in the living room do the "someone upstairs just got bodyslammed to the floor" flicker.

8. Making My Brother Laugh is Still One of My Biggest Goals in Life
Earlier this week, he posted some Billy Joel lyrics on his girlfriend Brookie's Facebook page. Since they are both friends of mine - though part of the 448 so-called "friends" who aren't fans yet - I got the update in my little Stalker feed. Normally, I let those things slide, as 95% of the info is like tits on a bull to me, but this was an opportunity. Dropped a little comment on the wall about Pete's message making me throw up in my mouth a little bit and waited... Two days later, mission accomplished. Pete sent me a "that threw up in my mouth a little made me piss myself laughing." Typical younger brother, always trying to impress his big brother.

9. The Whole City Shutting Down Means One Thing
No, not stay the fuck home and get drunk by the fire. Rather, LET'S ALL GO TO BLOCKBUSTER! Thursday, we got smashed with a snowstorm that literally shut down all of St. Johns, except for the taxi cabs and the movie stores. Gotta love the bastards who can't drive to work because it's too dangerous out but are able to come in and rent copy after copy of Good Luck Chuck. I stood behind my cash register for five solid hours sans break that day, putting on a brave face while countless people told me how much it sucks that we had to stay open. D'you know what retards? It's your goddamn fault. If you freaks would just stay the fuck home and get drunk by the fire, maybe I could do the same and not have to search the Drop Box for a copy of Saw 4 for you...

10. Off The Wagon
Bought a pack of darts this week. Thursday, on the way to work actually. Was one of those weeks. I know - excuses, excuses, blah blah blah. Piss off. I wanted a smoke. The way I look at it, I went a month without after having smoked for the last 13 years. Cut me some slack. I'll shut it down again once the pack is gone and get back to the Tattoo Plan. But as for now, it's time for a smoke...


Chalk said...

Shocking #2.

Spencer, you're not an only child? Seriously? It just doesn't make sense with the whole spotlight whore thing....

deuce said...

lol. I knew it was a matter of time till the next pack of darts haha.

Deuce said...

I'm thinkin beer and wings real soon eh? You're only down the road from Dons

E. Spencer Kyte said...

Chalk -

Part of the spotlight whore thing comes from being in the shadows of my older brother.

Basically, he's awesome at anything he puts his mind to and I have always wanted a little attention of my own for the things I'm good at, namely memorizing stats and lines from crappy movies.

This has been a very educational day for you in the life of me.

Deuce -
F U on the smokes! It'd be like you deciding to not forget shit everywhere after all these years... except with actual physiological implications...

As for Don's - I boycott that place. Every time I go, I end up feeling real gross. We can discuss this, on MSN, as I'm sure the readership - all ten of them - have no desire to know our man-date plans.