Friday, January 18, 2008

Soundtrack of My Life

Song: Hallelujah
Artist: Jeff Buckley
Album: Grace

D'you know how some songs just give you shivers up your spine? This one does it for me.

I never was a Jeff Buckley fan. Admittedly, I knew very little of him before hearing this song and flipping through the Internet to find out a little more about it's singer.

That is the beauty of music to me though; you don't have to have any kind of connection or even knowledge of the singer to have a connection with the song.

Hallelujah isn't Buckley's song; it's Canadian Leonard Cohen's, but Buckley's version is the one that everyone knows and is heralded as one of the Top 500 Songs of All-Time by Rolling Stone magazine. I can't say I disagree.

The song is haunting to me. In part Buckley's death - he drowned in 1997 - has something to do with it, but it's more just the simplicity of the track, with nothing more than Buckley's voice and the guitar.

Every so often there just aren't words to describe why I have a connection to something. This is one of those times. This is one of those songs. I can't put it in words. All I can do is sit back and listen to this song, over and over again.

You should do the same.


Ashley said...

This is Ryan and Marissa's song from the O.C!

erin said...

oh yes it is the oc song but it's by the wrong guy rufus wainright is the guy that sings the version we like, but it sounds almost the same.

newt (na) said...

Isn't it the Jeff Buckley version in Shrek?
Great tune no matter who does it but Jeff Buckley's version is the most haunting. Definitely.

E. Spencer Kyte said...

John Cale does the version in Shrek and yes girls, it is Ryan and Marissa's song from The OC...

I wasn't going to bring that up though; that's what I have you two trash tv queens for!

Chalk said...

Spence --

This is the first song on your soundtrack I really like. I generally skip this feature because I have little to no faith in your taste in music.

The whole Grace album the song is on is pretty spectacular.

My boy Casanova can never mention Buckley without this 4-word epithet:

"Great Swinger, Bad Swimmer."

And have you hit double-digits yet so I can stop my Comment-In?

E. Spencer Kyte said...

Chalk -

1) My taste in music is outstanding. Maybe you have the sucky taste, ehn?

2) 9 fans, so you're still on the hook... though you did contribute the only total random of the group.

I mean, it's not like any of the Blockbuster posse has gotten their friends on board or anything like that...

Yes, that is a challenge Erin & Ashley. I hope you're up to it.

David Chalk said...

My taste is impeccable.

As is my diction.

[im·pec·ca·ble /ɪmˈpɛkəbəl/
1. faultless; flawless; irreproachable: impeccable manners.
2. not liable to sin; incapable of sin.

dic·tion /ˈdɪkʃən/
1. style of speaking or writing as dependent upon choice of words: good diction.]

Ashley said...

HEY! I tried to get Derek and Lois to join when i worked with them Saturday night and all I got was blank stares.....
And believe me, when Erin and I go around sportin' our new We heart Spencer homeade t-shirts, your fan club is gonna get all kinds of new members!