Saturday, January 5, 2008

Just Like Jared Leto

So I run, hide and tell myself
I'll start again with a brand new name

Just as Jared Leto's 30 Seconds to Mars said on their debut single "Capricorn," I too announced a running away from the my original name here on this site, proclaiming that I would return with a new and improved moniker.

That was a week ago and so, it's time to reveal the new name...


Catchy ain't it?

Honestly, in thinking things over for the week and flipping through the various sites that for some reason allow me to post my ramblings on a regular basis (Thanks ShowHype!) I figured changing the name at this stage would be stupid. Instead of wanting to differentiate myself from the other peons who use the name, I figured I would just annihilate them with my vicious and witty rhetoric until only one blog was left standing. If at that point it isn't me, I'll come up with something else.


Those two random numbers are me officially claiming this here blog on BallHype and ShowHype, two sites you should definitely check out if you like (a) sports or (b) celebrity gossip and news. See why I'm there often?
* * * * * * * *
In a totally unrelated story, we live below hillbillies! Sadly, it isn't Jed and his kin either...

Nope, we live below the hillbillies who celebrate moving into a new place by breaking down doors and getting into a domestic 36 hours after moving in. Nothing spells lovin' like having the cops show up to your new place inside 48 hours.

What makes it all better, if it could even happen, is that they like fighting at 4 AM. Nothing is nicer to wake up to than a couple of freakshow skeets who I haven't laid eyes on yet cussing at each other and slamming doors while I'm trying to get some sleep. I love being woken up to the words "Get The Fuck Out" being yelled over and over and over and over.

The capper? He, the male hillbilly, doesn't even live here. Apparently just his hillbilly woman does... he broke down the door to start the fight last night. Awesome!
* * * * * * * *
Canada won it's fourth straight World Junior Hockey Championship Gold Medal this afternoon. Just in case anyone thought of questioning who the most dominating nation on ice is, our boys delivered yet another resounding answer.
* * * * * * * *
Apparently, a number of people either (a) share my hatred of the Boston area or (b) think I have some writing talent, as my I Hate Boston piece that went up on Epic Friday is gaining some votes and links throughout the Interwebs.

It pales in comparison to the Return of Cash Considerations, but I'm pasty like that...
* * * * * * * *
Go rent The Kingdom. If you listen to one bit of movie advice from me ever, make it this... again, you'll thank me.


NA said...

Dearest Spencer,

In regards to your new "handle" that you are persuing I have been struggling with one moniker that keeps coming to mind...

The Spenisphere.

Hey, its your world, your way and thats all I got at this point. The funny thing about it is that the only thing that stands out for me is the word Penis. Thats odd. Maybe its my recent rental of superbad with the 8 year old penis drawing addiction or maybe its nothing... thoughts? comments?

E. Spencer Kyte said...

Dearest Newt,

In regards to your thoughts on my new handle, it is a definite NO for the exact reason you mention. The only thing I see when I look at that name is the word penis and no, I don't want to be the guy who has the penis blog...

Why you're thinking of penises so much is beyond me. Maybe it isn't Superbad so much as it's your latent homosexuality... JK.

On a totally unrelated topic, how are the girls and when is the next one due?

NA said...

Considering the 2nd child is to arrive any day now (official date: Jan 9th) I am completely comfortable with my sexuality. I am sticking with the superbad excuse because its about damn time I had something to blame it on.
Both girls are fine... one is a little tired of having a person growing inside of her and the other has no idea how blindsided she is going to be once he comes out. Things are going to get interesting around the newton house real soon. I will keep you posted.
Just for clarification sake I would never think of you as the guy with the penis blog.