Sunday, January 27, 2008

This Coming Valentine's Day, I'm Going To Be Awful Busy

Went to the movies last night with Sarah - a review of 27 Dresses will come later today in 10 Things - and sitting through the previews - which you have to be there for no matter what - it turns out that my calender is going to be pretty full on February 14, 2008.

Three movies that I want to see all open on that very day. Since I do the schedule at work now, guess who isn't working Valentine's Day and probably not the day after either?

The movies all come with varying degrees of anticipation, so we'll go from the bottom to the top.

Step Up 2 The Streets I'll go and see for two reasons: (1) Sarah and I's first date was to Step Up, so there is the nostalgia factor and being that it's V-Day, that makes it extra sweet / vomit-inducing depending on who you are and (2) I'm admittedly a sucker for dance films, especially hip hop dance films.

I own You Got Served which is quite possibly the worst movie ever made, except for the fact that the dance scenes are insane. Dave Scott choreographed the hell outta that movie. And no, I didn't have to look it up to see who choreographed the film. These are the stupid things I know. I know choreographers... can't do basic math without a calculator, but I know choreographers.

With that in mind, do I even need to state that I'm looking forward to seeing How She Move when it comes out? Canadian Hip Hop Dance Film... I'm in!

Silver Medal standing on the Valentine's Day movie podium goes to the Ryan Reynolds / Abigail Breslin father/daughter heart-warmer from the guys who did Notting Hill and Love, Actually called Definitely, Maybe.

First off, I loved both Notting Hill and Love, Actually so that makes this almost a no-brainer.

Second, bonus points for the movie sharing a name with an outstanding Oasis album. Say what you will about The Gallaghers, but know that I will fight you about the awesomeness that is (was?) Oasis.

Third, I'm a Ryan Reynolds guy. Van Wilder? Just Friends? Foolproof? Even the little stuff he does (The Nines anyone?) is pretty damn good. Plus, yes, fine, I'll admit it... bit of a man crush. There I said it.

Taking home the Gold Medal for the two-day V-Day movie bonanza that will be is Jumper. Before anyone starts grunting and groaning about my dying to see a movie starring Hayden "Manakin Skywalker" Christiansen, please note that it also stars Samuel L., Diane Lane (HUGE CRUSH!) and Rachel Bilson and is about guys who can teleport. How cool would that be?

Hopefully, Sarah will want to come to these with me. Otherwise, it's going to be a pretty shitty Valentine's Day for her...


Chalk said...


I swear I've been seeing posters for She Move Me in the subway and thinking to myself Spencer probably wants to see that the day it comes out.

But I don't think I ever in my heart of hearts truly believed it. Come on, admit it -- this choreographer fetish is a bit, right?

E. Spencer Kyte said...

I don't know if I would call it a fetish, but whatever it is, it's legit.

newt said...

I will be the first to grunt and groan about Hayden "Manakin Skywalker" Christiansen. In my opinion he shouldn't be allowed to teleport no matter who is holding his hand.

sharon said...

I would just like to say I have watched a fair bit of hiphop dance movies, and the dancing the rain montage in You Got Served was too much, I think I almost die everytime I see it hahaha