Monday, August 25, 2008

10 Things I Learned This Week

Without exaggeration, this has been an insane week. Good things, bad things and altogether surreal things make up the countdown - delayed because life invariably happened yesterday - so let's get right to it.

1. We Helped a Man Who Tried To Kill Himself
On our way to do some running around, there was a man laying on the ground in obvious pain, people beginning to crowd around him. Being a nurse (and wonderful human being) Sarah pulled into the parking lot to help. I called 911 while she did her thing. Turns out, the man tried to hang himself from his third floor balcony and the cord snapped. No major injuries and words don't describe how proud I am of my future wife, but I still can't shake the images from my head.

2. Wedding Date Confirmed
I am pleased to announce that we are officially getting hitched in the Dominican next April. The 23rd to be exact. That means I have less than 8 months of freedom remaining.... Invites are on the way.

3. BC is Back in the Picture
When we set out for BC in a couple weeks, there will be a couple new stops added to the itinerary. We're going to slide through the Lower Okanagan Valley. Sarah applied for some jobs out there because it never hurts to apply and with the benefits that BC offers (more money, student loan relief) moving to the West Coast is gaining a little momentum.

4. Just Wondering
Why do people who have places to be and time lines to maintain go out to eat at busy restaurants during the busiest times? I know it shouldn't take 40 minutes for you to eat, but sometimes it does and that's not our fault. This message has been brought to you by the staff at Montana's. Welcome to the Cookhouse!

5. Grand Bend Made Me Feel Old

I hadn't been to Grand Bend since I was 12 or 13 and we hit the South-Western Ontario Beach Town this week and one thing was abundently clear - it's a young persons destination. Not that there weren't people my age and older, but all of us looked out of place, what with the facial hair and flabby physiques... and that was just the women - ZING! I'm here all night folks...

6. Cool Hand Luke now known as Captain Annoying
I don't know what it is, but the little monster has been barking up a storm all week. Every little sound sets him off on a barking fit and there is nothing - aside from taking him for a W-A-L-K every ten minutes - that can stop him. Car door closes? Bark. Train goes by out back? Bark. Someone three doors down sneezes? You got it... Bark!

7. Off To Best Buy

Finished Season Two fo The Wire yesterday night after a long shift slinging drinks and I'm itching to get the remaining three seasons. I can't stress this enough - find a way to watch this show. Hell, email me and tell me you want to borrow the seasons - I'll send them to you. It's that damn good.

8. Still No TV
The Olympics came and went and I watched exactly zero hours of coverage here at the house. We're still without our television. I caught some key moments on the big screens at work, including Usain Bolt killing'em all on the track not once, not twice but thrice (Thank you, Monty Burns) and Michael Phelps being superhuman. Can't really say I miss the stupid thing to be honest.

9. I Can't Wait to Move
Not that I am desperate to get out of London or anything like that, but everywhere I go, all I can do is see things that I want for our next place. I think about how to set up my office - because no matter where we land, I will have my own office - and the colours we're going to use. What furniture we'll need and now that we have an abundance of picture frames from the EP last weekend, how to organize those has become a thinking point as well.

10. Operation: 185 Update
Starting Weight: 204 lbs.
Last Update: 198.5 lbs. (two weeks ago...)
Current Weight: 198 lbs.

Here is the crazy thing about this: I haven't actually worked out in the last ten days - for various reasons - and there has been a lot of eating out and boozing over that time frame and still I've managed to drop a Double Quarter Pounder! Workout resumes today; eight months less a couple days to drop 13 pounds... even I should be able to manage that.

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jennifer said...

Way to go Sarah :)
Awesome Job!