Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Rundown: Feed Me

Rocked Mandarin for lunch yesterday.

I have to tell you, there may not be a better deal in town than the Lunch Buffet at Mandarin, especially if you get there as they're opening the doors at 11:30 like we did yesterday.

Think about it - all you can eat including really fresh shrimp and mussels, all your Chinese food favourites and countless North American bastard dishes too like fries, onion rings and the one that always makes me laugh, roast beef at a carving station. Nothing spells Chinese like Roast Beef!

Anyway, rocking the Mandarin for lunch got me thinking about the things I like to eat most, since it is in the Top 25 of eating experiences for me solely based on the fresh Crab Leg feast you can gorge yourself on during the Holidays. Then I realized that I haven't delivered a foodie Rundown as of yet and well, here you go...

Top Five Foods / Meals

5. Holiday Turkey Dinner

This one should be on everyone's list I would imagine, because really, loading around a table with the fam and stuffing yourself on turkey, mashed potatoes and whatever else you choose to cover in gravy is always a good time. This is also one that I'm looking forward to in the coming years, as I want to be one of those people who hosts one of these dinners every year for our family and friends.

4. Street Meat

There isn't much better to me than a dog or a sausage on an egg bun slathered in mustard outside of the ball game or Canadian Tire or wherever else a quality Street Meat stand happens to pop up. There used to be one in the parking lot of one of the Beer Stores in Barrie that I would hit up on a regular basis. Not when I was buying beer, just to get a dog. That's how much I like these things.

3. Steak

Whether I make it at home on the barbecue or we go somewhere to partake, a really good steak is always an excellent choice. It actually pains me to work at Montana's and allow people to order steaks anything more than Medium. Why would you do that to a delicious cut of beefy goodness?

2. Sushi

I think I could eat sushi every day and not get sick of it. Seriously, that's how much I love it. The beauty of "sushi" is in the variety, ranging from actual sushi itself, to sashimi to hand rolls and rolls and on and on and on. This is actually a non-starter for me now: if you don't like sushi, we can't be nearly as good friends as if you do, simply because at some point, I'm going to want to go for sushi and when you shrunch up your nose at the idea, I'm going to want to punch you in the mouth.

1. Breakfast
Bacon. Eggs. Sausage. Toast. Baked Beans. Hash Browns or Home Fries. Coffee. Delicious. I can and do eat breakfast for any meal at any time in any setting. And it's not just homemade breakfast that takes the cake either. McDonald's Breakfast? Awesome! A little bit of the Griddle while out and about? Wicked! Denny's? Hell yes! The list goes on and on. Best meal ever, at least in my books.

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