Monday, August 18, 2008

One Helluva Weekend!

The last 72 hours have been the best 72 hour stretch of time in my life.

Getting to be around a large collection of the people who care and love about Sarah and I and threw us an incredible party Saturday was far more than either of us could ever ask for.

Everyone assembled in the booming metroplis of Damascus, Ontario - my apologizes to everyone who got lost along the way - and there is enough left over chicken and wine to feed thousands for the next week to ten days.

Friday brought Sarah's mom in from Vancouver and a first trip to the airport. All went well, aside from an extra thirty minutes in the Cell Phone Lot waiting for the phone to ring while Luke barked at anything and everything around.

Six hours after we jumped into our tent on the front lawn, it was time for Trip #2 to the Airport to collect Sarah's Best Friend and Maid of Honor Jena. Luke stayed at home for this one and we actually parked instead of waiting in the Cell Phone Lot.

Fun, little interesting tidbit of the day: we picked Jena up at the exact location where Sarah and I got engaged. We thought it was a fun way to start Engagement Party Day. Mind you, we only had a couple hours of sleep on the uneven ground with a barking dog sniffing his way around a tent.

The party itself was incredible. I won't go into details about place settings and table decorations and the little jars of candies for everyone.

All the people who said they were coming made it there (except Newt, but he had two sick kids so we understood) and all had a great time. We had some laughs, a couple of tears and a great time.

Thanks to everyone for the terrific gifts and all the generosity. It means more to us than anyone will ever know.

And then we got hammered!

Somehow, waking up bright and early Sunday morning for breakfast didn't even include a hangover and it certainly should have when you factor in the copious amounts of wine that filled our bellies that evening.

Gotta love it - a killer party with all our loved ones (well - many of our loved ones) and no hangover to make us feel bad about it the next day.

Next up: finalizing the Flying 20...


Newt said...

Spencer, I am so glad to hear that the day/evening/weekend was an amazing one. I was really excited to be able to finally meet Sarah and was seriously dissapointed to miss the party and to miss her. Once I have everybody back in tip top shape we will set something up.

Ashley said...

Yay glad you guys had a great weekend!