Friday, August 8, 2008

Soundtrack of My Life

Song: Lollipop
Artist: Lil Wayne
Album: Tha Carter III (2008)

I can't get this song out of my head.

I'm not complaining, simply stating a fact. This song is insanely infectious and leaves me walking around work spending entire shifts mumbling, "L-L-L-L-Like a lollipop" over and over and over.

There is a good chance that some of you have absolutely no idea who Lil Wayne is and that's a shame, because aside from Kanye, he's probably the most talented dude in the rap game today. Despite being all of 25 years old, Weezie has been doing this for ten years. But it's only in recent years that he has risen to the upper echelon of the industry and only with this track that he's seen the top of the charts.

No one will ever confuse this track with being full of deep lyrics - to put it simply, this track will be playing in strip clubs from now until there are no longer strip clubs in existance. It's a get naked and get nasty song, which probably explains why it's had such outstanding commercial success.

This song on this list more as a representation of Lil Wayne as a whole - both past, present and future - because I'm one of the many who think that a couple of years from now, we'll be talking about what a pioneer Lil Wayne was in terms of being a digital artist and blending genres.

Don't believe me? Weezie's favourite artist growing up... Nirvana.

You may think he's a rapper, but truth is he's a musical Mad Scientist and this pole dancer's delight is just a taste to get you hooked.

Listen to the song twice and then try not to sing it the rest of the day.

Good luck.

* * * * * * * * * *

R.I.P. Static Major

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