Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The Rundown: It's All About The Wordplay

Yes, I just used a Jason Mraz (Mr. A to the Z himself) lyric as the title of today's post, but trust me, it is quite appropriate. It's Wednesday and it's time for a Rundown...

Top Five Favourite Words

5. Balls
And no, I don't mean basket or base... though I am a fan of those too! I mean good ole nuts. I use this word so often that I have convinced Sarah that it would make the perfect name for our future dog because if we don't name him (and it will be a him) Balls, he'll develop a complex for sure because I say it so often. Things are referred to as "hot as balls," I say "Ah balls!" when something doesn't go right and just the word itself is good for a childish giggle every now and again. Go ahead, try it... say balls.

4. Passion
It is very fitting that I write for a magazine of same name. Not until I found this writing thing did I really know what it was like to be passionate about something; to feel that deep gutteral desire to be doing that thing you love and the sense of accomplishment one feels from finding success in those endeavours. There is a reason the Greeks used to ask of a man when he died, "Did he have passion?"

3. Knowledge
Simply because there is huge difference between being knowledgeable and being smart. I know people who are insanely booksmart and have zero knowledge to speak of and vice versa. You can acquire knowledge in countless ways and I honestly believe that a portion of life should be about our never-ending quest for knowledge. I always want to learn more, whether it is about a topic I know little about or something I am well-versed in. Knowledge is power...

2. Fuck
The most dynamic, multi-purposed word in the world is easily number two in my books and how could it not be? Think of all the ways it can be used or better yet, watch this video that illustrates them for you you fucking fucker!

1. Free
Liberated... without restrictions and borders and llimitations... able to choose your own path and make your own adventure... void of persecution... without a price, monetary or otherwise... original and unrehearsed... spontaneous... free.

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