Sunday, December 23, 2007

Things I Learned This Week

There has been a lot, so we'll get right to it...

1. Deer vs. Car is a Draw
Yes, the deer died and some hillbillies from out around Cambridge took him home and have undoubtedly enjoyed a bunch of nice steaks and stews. But the car died too, literally. We were sitting in Faye's car waiting for the OPP to show up and get things sorted when the four-way flashers just stopped flashing. The reason? Dead battery. Add into that the front left quarter panel than was laying on the shoulder of the road next to the deer, the crumpled hood and smashed windshield, the glass of which I am still picking out of my coat pockets, and I have to call this a draw. No, I don't want a rematch.

2. Getting in an Accident has Freaked Me Out
This was the first real accident I have ever been in. Sure I slid into the back of a car once and banged into someone out in Campbellville a couple years ago, but I saw both of those coming and was able to brace myself for them. This one was different. I had no idea that this was going to happen. It happened that fast. I drove yesterday for the first time and it was weird. I'm shaky and their are no deer jogging down the road in London. Honestly, while I understand the jokes, it doesn't change the fact that I know if I was going a little faster that deer would have come all the way through the windshield, the airbags would have deployed and things would probably be a whole lot different.

3. My Mother Lives in the Dark Ages
Granted, she is renting for a short term where she is, but get this - she has no shower (bathtub only), no home phone, no Internet, no cable (two channels on a rotary TV), no DVD. She doesn't even have a phone book we could use to call a cab... Dark Ages.

4. Glad I Broke One of My Rules
National Treasure: Book of Secrets was pretty good. It was exactlty what I expected actually - some cheesy bits, some hokey elements, but it was an entertaining and enjoyable movie, despite Nicolas Cage. Justin Bartha was great, again, as Cage's sidekick. Besides, the other option was P.S. I Love You and that just isn't something I want to see with Sarah and her dad... so we're saving that for Date Night when we get home.

5. Home Geeves!
Five days after we were supposed to leave, using an entirely different mode of transportation, we will finally make our way back to The Rock tomorrow. Down a car and up an experience, we're both pretty excited about getting home, just to get the things we need to get done finished and be back in our own element. Thankfully, deers don't fly...

6. Extra Sushi
The only thing I can call as a positive stemming from our extended stay here in Ontario is that we're heading back to Ye's in Waterloo tonight for dinner. Honestly, it is the best All You Can Eat Sushi joint around and I can't tell you how damn tasty everything is. Once again, I urge everyone to at least try - TRY - sushi...

7. I Never Thought I Would Say This...
But I miss the cats. Somehow, in taking care of them over the last month before we left, both Sarah and I got really attached to those strange little furballs named Shabby and Mumu. I can't wait to get home and have Mumu smash open a door just to announce her presence and watch Shabby paw at Sarah's shoulder to get under the covers when we go to bed at night. The worst part of all? I'm going to miss them even more when we move out in three days...

8. New Apartment Here We Come!
Our new place - 24 Wexford Street, Phone Number 743-4771 - is awesome. Our landlords totally renno'ed the place over the last month and it is waaaaaaay better than any other place I have live in, in terms of price v. niceness. Gorgeous bathroom, cute little kitchen and all to ourselves. Simply put, it's heaven. Feel free to drop by with housewarming gifts any time after the 27th...

9. Back On The Wagon
The week before the accident, I hadn't had a single cigarette. Seven days, no darts. I was pretty proud of myself. One car crash later and I was buying smokes quicker than that deer crumpled our car. However, I am proud to say that I finished that pack Friday night - and since when does a pack last me from Tuesday AM until Friday PM? - and have gone another two days sans cigarettes. I told you I could quit whenever I wanted to...

10. I'm a Fantasy GOD!
During the baseball season, I named one of my teams in a league with some friends "Betcha I Win This" because I'm a cocky bastard. I won, handily, just as I knew I would. So, as the same crew set up a football league, I named my team Betcha I Win This 2. While the end results won't be known until tomorrow night, I can tell you that I am in the finals and should be okay... I'm also crushing a couple basketball and hockey leagues too right now. Someone needs to hire me to do this stuff. You hear that Yahoo!?

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David Chalk said...

First -- again, I'm so pleased you're not dead.

Second -- Literally the only thing I remember from high school driver's ed class is that if you can't avoid hitting a deer, SPEED UP. Speeding up makes the front end of the car go up which makes the deer bounce up. Slowing down makes your front end go down, which makes the deer slide up into your windshield. So, it probably wasn't how fast you were going that saved your asses, it was probably the fact that you didn't have time to react the wrong way.

Happy Holidays.