Sunday, December 30, 2007

Things I Learned This Week

1. We Should Start a Moving Company
Aside from one car load that came in during the day Wednesday, Sarah and I managed to move all of our worldly possessions from The Cove into town and have the truck returned to U-Haul in the span of 4 1/2 hours. Granted, we packed most of the stuff the previous couple of days, but that is what all smart movers do, so this really was a pretty outstanding feat if I do say so myself. Probably doesn't hurt that this new place is the 30th address of my life...

2. Nothing is Open Christmas Eve
Even in the Halifax Airport. You would think that since travellers are stuck flying in and out of this place - or any other airport for that matter - that the shops inside the building would stay open to accomodate them. You would think, wouldn't you... Not how it works though. Everything shut down at 5:30 pm, which meant we had three hours to kill with zero opportunity for food, drink or even the mind-numbing entertainment of a television. Good thing we both know how to read.

3. Boxing Day is the Same
Where I come from, Boxing Day is the busiest shopping day of the year. People get out to the mall as soon as the sun comes up and it's an absolute madhouse. Here in NFLD, nothing is open. You know, other than Blockbuster. No mall, no grocery stores, no liquor stores, nada. I really don't understand this province at all.

4. Not Having a Car is Weird
I've had my own car for five years and access to one for the last fourteen. Being without one right now is the strangest thing. Simple tasks become more complex. Groceries involves an extra ten bucks because we have to take a cab home. There are no quick trips up to Starbucks. Everything takes longer. This is going to be a weird four months.

5. I Know Nothing of Magazine Deadlines
Or, I don't understand them as of yet. When we hit Ontario, the good folks at Passion let me know that they needed my pieces submitted by the 20th so that they could prep them during the Christmas Week. To me, that would mean that during this week some time, I would get an email with the revisions that need to be made. Still nothing. Maybe it'll come in the next day or so, but either way, it's been ten days since I sent it in and I've gotten nothing back. Doesn't that mean I could have waited a couple extra days to turn things in?

6. This Apartment... Pretty Sweet
We liked it the minute we saw it, but now that we're in and setup and living here, we like it even more. It's cute, what with the slanty cupboards in the kitchen and all the natural light that comes in from the big window in the living room. Plus, our stuff just seems to fit in here perfectly, from the new futon to the side-by-side computer, things just work.

7. The Non-Smoking / Tattoo Plan
Since I am Mr. Addictive Personality - from everything to feeding my writing jones to the wicked nic-sticks - I've figured out that since I'm parting ways with cigarettes, I need something else in place to fill that void. The answer? MORE INK! Once a week, I'll toss the ten bucks I would have dropped on that weeks pack of darts into a jar and a couple months from now there will be more artistic impressions permanently etched on into my skin. And yes, I am already thinking of what to get.

8. There are Some Real Dumb People Out There
Okay, so this isn't really a this week revelation, but it's maybe more of an affirmation. I must have fielded four hundred calls this week at work that went like this:

Spencer - Thank you for calling Blockbuster, now trading DVDs and Games, Spencer speaking.
Person - Are you guys open today?

Seriously? Honestly? If we weren't open would anyone be answering the phone? C'mon people, think a little...

9. I'm Lost Without The Internet
As I told you yesterday, it had been too long between the times I logged onto these here Interwebs. The truth is, I can go without TV for days - I really don't care - but not being able to log on and check the four hundred and seventy eight sites and emails and blogs that I like to get at every day is brutal. Tomorrow is my day off and the only thing I care about finding is a bunch of Internet cable to connect my computer to the router so that I can get back onto the 'net via the Super Computer. Then and only then will this move be complete.

10. I Hate The New England Area
Yeah, you read that right Dan Tobin and Jesse Pugh - I HATE YOUR STOMPING GROUNDS! The Red Sox won the World Series, the Celtics are making me look like a total jackass courtesy of the best record in the NBA and last night the Patriots finished off their perfect regular season. Right now, there is a strong possibility that the three major sports championships will reside in New England in the very near future and that blows! Good thing the Bruins still suck...

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