Sunday, December 9, 2007

Things I Learned This Week

Once again, it's been an interesting week, you know, with emergency surgery for Sarah and all.

Here we go...

1. Things Change
If things went according to plan, we'd be in Vancouver right now, just finishing up dinner and enjoying the company of Sarah's mom and brother and playing with her dog Skippy. Instead, we're sitting on the couch in our living room watching Iron Chef: America planning our trip into school tomorrow to reschedule her exams.

2. I Am The Monopoly Champion... So Far
We bought it this afternoon when we went fro groceries. We started playing once we got home and got settled. At the time Sarah threw in the towel, I owed all but three properties on the board. I almost don't want to play anymore because I'm sure Sarah is only going to improve.

3. The Patriots are Going Undefeated
Even better is that they are going to go undefeated by kicking the living crap out of everyone. Watching them smash Pittsburgh this afternoon was one of those games where you wonder "Who could possibly beat this team?" The answer is no one...

4. Miami Won't Win A Game
Which actually makes for an interesting storyline this season in the NFL, but that doesn't make any Miami fans feel better. Seriously, this is possibly the worst team I have seen in my NFL watching lifetime.

5. Chris Rock is A Lot Smarter Than You Think
He's a lot smarter than I thought too. Watched him on a two-hour Actors Studio this afternoon and listening to his breakdown of comedians, Stand Up and the usage of the N-word by black people was outstanding. You people need to take my advice and watch this show. Artists are inspiring, even for non-artist people.

6. Jane Is Warming Up To Me
Jane is Sarah's Mom and she didn't like me off the bat. What could it have possibly been? The smoking, the bankruptcy, the quick move to Newfoundland to be with her daughter, who knows? But after having spent the past couple days looking after her little girl and having a couple nice conversations on the phone, I think she likes me a little more. Or maybe just dislikes me a little less. Either way, it's a victory.

7. I've Developed A Love of Sleeping
I had never been that guy who liked to sleep until all hours of the day, but moving out here to The Cove has changed that. It's a good thing I didn't have anything to do any of these last couple days, because I haven't moved out of bed before 10 AM once and the only reason I get up in the first place is because peeing the bed isn't acceptable at my age...

8. The Internet is My Home
Let's see, there are three websites I write for, 10 Fantasy teams on the go, Facebook, ESPN, Craigslist and so on and so on and so on. There are even more sites that I could be working for (Suite 101 is a new possibility) but do I really need to be doing any more right now? Seriously, I spend a bare minimum of three hours a day on the 'Net.

9. The Excitement for Issue #2 is Insane
I have my assignments - a feature on Celebrity Comebacks and a profile on my friend Jeff Woodrow's company Joy Apparel - plus there is a good chance that my picture and bio will be making it's first appearance in the contributors pages. No timeline yet, but with the success of Issue #1, both personally and commercially thus far, I can't wait for that day to come.

10. Good Music Turns Me On
The Friday feature Soundtrack of My Life is my personal favourite here because sitting during the day and coming up with each track is something I love. Flipping through the 1500 songs I have on my computer and thinking about the relationship I have with the ones that strike me is inspiring and then hearing things like the crescendo in Stop Me or some of the key elements of the next couple tracks - yes, they're pick already - just gets me fired up.

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