Thursday, December 6, 2007

Dishonour Roll: Sarah's Former Appendix

I know I said last week that I would stop naming non-humans in the Dishonour Roll, but honestly, this one takes the cake!

Laying in bed last night when I got home from work, Sarah complained of minimal pain in her abdomen, which we both credited to a combination of the Kentucky Duck that we ate during the afternoon and a general not feeling well. She joked that she might have appendicitis...

She really is going to make a great nurse because she nailed this diagnosis.

After writing her exam this morning, she went to work at Student Health, felt kind of crappy and decided to get checked out. The doctor at the clinic sent her to Emerg, where she called me at work and told me the news. Three hours later, a surgeon is telling her they're going to take it out, just like that... and they did. Apparently it takes like twenty minutes.

So now, Saturday's flight is a no go and we're rethinking our vacation as a whole. Instead of getting out to Van City for sushi, family and friends, we'll be hanging out in The Cove for movies, rest and minimal movement in and around the abdominal region, all thanks to a little organ that you technically don't even need in the first place...

Stupid Appendix!

* * * * *
A couple quick hits before I shut it down after an exceptionally long day:

  • My fellow Bug David Chalk read my "Oscar Speech" as he called it about getting published and told me to "act like I've been there before." Dave, the point is that I haven't been there before and there is only one first time, so I'ma be excited and emotional and thankful as shit. It's who I am...
  • There is this other dude we write with at B&C named Steve Hulkower - I don't like him much. He likes to pick apart all arguments that don't fall in line with his views and does it in a real smug sorta way. And don't worry - I'm not talking about people behind their backs here; I told him all this earlier today.
  • No more KFC, ever! That shit blew up Sarah's appendix and ruined our vacation. If Colonel Sanders was alive, I'd fly to Kentucky and kiss his, I said, kick his ass, yessir I would.

1 comment:

David Chalk said...


A) I was mostly/partly busting your balls.
2) I can understand being psyched & all that, but me personally I don't feel the need to share every emotion I have with the general reading public. Not saying you doing it is bad, it's just not what I do -- and generally you rock it pretty well and it makes for good reading.
III) you HAVE been there before -- just because all the great crap you write on B&C isn't printed out on glossy pages don't mean it's not legit -- it's only not legit if you act like it isn't.
four) are there links to your work from passion so i don't have to tool around the whole site? I'm a busy man.
e) hope Sarah has a full speedy recovery -- if she can put up with you though a little surgery should be nothing.
eff) it's a shame y'all can't make it to the winter meetings in Boston

Peace & Respekanition.