Sunday, August 16, 2009

Things I Learned This Week

1. Cris Cyborg Might Be An Actual Cyborg

And that is a very scary prospect for any female looking to make a name for herself in the Strikeforce 145 lbs. division, because the champ is just 24 and an assassin inside the cage.

I thought Gina Carano would be able to stick and move and use technique to counter Cyborg's power. I learned that there is no real counter to Cyborg's power, other than getting smashed in the face so much that the ref mercifully calls an end to things.

And don't feel bad for Carano either; I'm sure there are hundreds of guys will to help nurse her back to health.

2. The Flu Sucks Balls!

I had two days off this week and spent 75% of that time on the couch alternating between being freezing cold and sweating my ass off. How one man can sweat through six shirts in 24 hours is beyond me.

Though I've been feeling better the last couple days, I'm clearly not back to full strength yet either; I won't tell you how I know this other than to inform you I'm still doing a great amount of reading each day on a porcelain reading chair...
3. All This Shameless Self-Promotion is Paying Off

Friday and Saturday, your favorite writer was featured on the MMA page of Sports Illustrated thanks to a well-written little preview from Bleacher Report. I know I've said it before, but that site has been a godsend.

If that isn't cool enough, an emerging organization called the MMA Fight Council contacted me to become a part of their Writer's Guild. It's a collection of some of the best talents in the MMA field... and me.

Now if I could just find some way to make a little money out of all this.

4. The Next Move is Coming Together

Finally some good news for my wife!

By the sounds of things, a move to Victoria and an opportunity at a much more enjoyable position at a much more structured and supported hospital is not much more than a formality.

While it means we have to once again box up all of our worldly possessions, that is a worthy hassle for a chance for Sarah to have the enjoyment of a job the same way I do with all my writing endeavours.

Plus, there is actual shopping and restaurants in Victoria... no more 90 minute drives for sushi!

5. I'm Good At Things That Don't Make Me Money

In addition to being an outstanding volunteer writer, I'm also quite adept at playing Fantasy sports.

All four of my baseball teams reside at or near the top of their respective divisions, with the two that are outside of first place being the hottest teams around and poised to make a move down the stretch.

And now it's time to get started on Fantasy Football, with Draft #1 taking place on Tuesday night.

I really need to find some hobbies that pay better.

6. If You're A Guy and You Don't Love I Love You, Man You Have to Surrender Your Testicles

It's just so awesome. I would argue there isn't a guy around who can't watch that movie and name two friends, one for each role, and remember numerous instances from the movie that happened in their own life.

And it does it without being horribly cheesy and cliche like most movies. Additionally, once we buy a house and actually settle down somewhere, I'm building a man cave like Jason Segel's.

No word yet on whether or not it will have a Masturbation Station.

You're welcome for that...

I'll end there...

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