Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Rundown: They're So Fetch....

In Mean Girls, fetch never caught on as a hip word, no matter how hard Gretchen Wieners tried. She was just waiting for it to work and it never materialized and fetch fell into oblivion.

That's what I'm hoping happens to the people in today's Rundown: that 2009 marks the year they fall into a big, vacuous oblivion, never to be seen or heard from again.

2009's I'm So Over Them List

5. Judy Wilson, Marlin Travel
This one is personal and believe me, I can hold me a grudge. Not only did she screw up various elements of our wedding plans, she didn't even have the decency to apologize to me when I called to talk to her about everything earlier today. Instead, she got her defenses up, insisted she did everything she could for our benefit and told us we're not getting our deposits back. Obviously sending out invoices with the incorrect date puts a few holes in the old "I did everything I could for you" declaration and she clearly has no idea how much of a stink I'm willing to cause to get our money back.

4. The Cast of The Hills / The City
The great thing with fads is that they flame out and die, leaving only a few die hard fans lamenting it's disappearance. I know a ton of people who will be crushed if The Hills and it's new spin off The City go the way of the dinosaur, but my personal satisfaction of never having to hear about Heidi and Spencer and Lauren and Whitney ever again would be worth their fleeting moments of agony.

3. Brangelina
I'm torn on this one because I love Brad Pitt the actor. What I hate, however, is Brad Pitt, one half of the tabloid tandem Brangelina who grace the cover of 47 gossip rags a week and are purportedly pregnant and on the brink of breaking up every minute of every day. Enough already!

2. Kevin Federline
While I never understood why anyone really cared about a bad backup dancer and crappy boyfriend /father / husband for so long in the first place, but now... Why does this guy still get publicity? Go back to being "Dancer #5" in You Got Served already!

1. LiLo & Sam
First things first - Samantha Ronson: Horribly unattractive. Someone had to say it. Secondly, exactly what does Lindsay Lohan bring to the table any more? She doesn't act and if she did you know it would be horrible. Her music? Pass. Her family? Freaks. Unless Lindsay is making a Mickey Rourke in The Wrestler sort of return to the silver screen, you dare not speak her name around me in 2009.

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