Tuesday, January 6, 2009

So I Got Me a Promotion

No, I haven't been made Supreme Ruler of the World yet, but I did get an even better offer from the people at The Love of Sports than I was initially expecting.

Remember back a few weeks, I said I would most likely be taking over one of the new sites we'll be launching this year? Well, it turns out I won't be... I'll be the Co-Editor-in-Chief of the flagship site itself!

Now, I know this probably doesn't mean anything much to a good 95% of you reading this, but a move like this is monstrous for an Internet freelancer like myself, as the site now becomes an extension and reflection of me (and my co-pilot) not only in terms of my writing, but my skills in layout, design, editing and building the readership and revenue stream of the site.

What has made it even better is knowing that I won't have to sacrifice anything to make this jump to the next level. I'm still going to be pissing off the Drunk Blue Jays Fans at Bugs & Cranks, delivering witty banter and useless thoughts galore here at iBlog and be writing as much, if not more, at The Love of Sports.

Just six days into 2009 and it's already shaping up to be a big one...


Newt said...

Congrats on the huge news. The future is wide open my friend.

jennifer said...

Way to go!! Good luck!!