Thursday, January 15, 2009

Best News Ever!

Posting some of my work over at Yardbarker earlier today, I trolled through the MMA posts and came across this gem that is easily the best thing to ever happen to Mixed Martial Arts.

Hung Lo Dojo found a story on gossip site Just Jared about Heidi & Spencer of The Hills "fame" making a foray into MMA for some new reality show Captain Douchebag (that's Spencer...) is going to be doing.


That's exactly what the sport needs, this jerkoff spending too much time watching Entourage and wanting to be a real-life E and help Kevin Casey (2-1 career record, pictured) make it in the world of Mixed Martial Arts.

We already have a show like that where unknowns fight to make the UFC and even though it's run by the people in charge of the biggest and best organization in the business, even it's getting tired and losing fans. But it doesn't have Spencer...

You just have to know that the creation of this project came together in some boardroom brainstorming session where a bunch of retarded television executives were shooting down Pratt's ideas and then pulled the old, "That Mixed Martial Arts sure is popular. You should do something about that..."

And now we have a show where this moron who really, really needs to shave plays sports management guy in the world of MMA.

I say it again... AWESOME!

Someone shoot me...

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