Friday, January 23, 2009

Soundtrack of My Life

Song: All Uncovered
Artists: The Watchmen
Album: In The Trees (1994)

You know when you're flipping through your CD collection and you come across a random disc by a band you had long since forgotten? That's me with The Watchmen.

They're never a band that remains at the forefront of my memory, but every time I see their disc in my CD collection, I instantly grab it and throw on this track because I absolutely love it.

I actually stole this CD. Well, maybe borrowed is a better word, as it was the property of my friend Thom Loik back in university and he lent it to me so I could listen to this song (on repeat for days on end at one time) and then he never asked for it back. Or I never gave it to him. Whatever.

The point is, this song was awesome to me back when it came out and every time I end up putting it on I remember how awesome it is. It's melodic, has lead singer Daniel Greaves playing harmonica and is an interesting song lyrically.

For me, the song is about life changing and people not wanting to accept that. It's easier to go along with the life you don't want to really be living because change appears harder:

Driving in style with a smile on
I wish the light could turn red on me now
The day's been so damn hard already
So buckle me in on the highway of sin
'Cause that's just the way that I wanna be

The Watchmen, who are in fact named after the graphic novel that has been made into a movie that is coming soon to a theatre near you, never really grabbed me with any of their other material following this album, so maybe that's why I always forget about them.

Regardless, I always end up rediscovering them and this song in particular. Now I pass them along to you...


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Derek said...

Hey Spence

I have to say I enjoy your "soundtrack fo My Life" portion of your blog the best, it brings me back to different moments in my life as well.