Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Can't Wait Until Saturday Night

So I'm watching Dana White's UFC 94 video blog on YouTube earlier and he's asking everyone he runs into who wins this weekend's GSP vs. BJ Penn fight and I'm shocked.

Robbie Lawler says BJ Penn.
"Little Evil" says BJ Penn.
Jamie Varner and Urijah Faber say BJ Penn.
Even Japanese dudes who can't speak English (Caol Uno and Kid Yamamoto) are picking BJ Penn.

Thankfully, WEC featherweight champ Mike Thomas Brown was last on and gave GSP some love.

Now, I'm going to be covering this bad boy big time in the next couple days over at TLOS and you have to check it out, but seeing fighter after fighter stand there and say BJ is going to beat GSP has me worried. What if they're right?

I've had GSP at the top of my Pound for Pound Rankings since he beat Jon Fitch and while BJ has been sitting at #4 this whole time, I just can't see him winning this fight. What is it that these guys know that I don't?

I mean, I could see Little Evil and Caol Uno picking BJ because he beat both of them, but what is everyone else's excuse?

Regardless, I know who I'm picking and I can't wait until Saturday night...


jennifer said...

Ok.. so whats the deal...

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