Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Things I've Been Thinking Lately

Been a couple days since I last posted, in part due to spending more time than usual at work, but also because I just haven't had anything that I wanted to write about. I've been putting in lots of time trying to build The Love of Sports and just hanging around the house pondering.

These are the things I've been thinking:

  • At what point to you just say "Fuck it" and go balls to the wall in pursuit of your dreams?
  • Do people ever step out of their own little world to remember the things that are going on in the lives of the people around them? (Myself included in that one, by the way...)
  • What is the point of people saying they are going to do something if they just aren't going to do it?
  • For all my talk about writing a book - or multiple books for that matter - I don't have a single meaningful word down anywhere.
  • Why is money so important? Not in a "people care too much about money" kind of way, but in a "isn't there more to life than not being broke?" type way.
  • How can Sarah and Luke sleep so much and why can't I ever do that?
  • Baseball season is quickly approaching and I am completely underwhelmed.
  • Sushi on Thursday was so good.
  • So was bowling on Friday night with Higgs and Justina.
Just thought I would get you all caught up...

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