Friday, January 2, 2009

Soundtrack of My Life

Song: Gotta Get Through This
Artist: Daniel Bedingfield
Album: Gotta Bet Through This (2002)

Natasha isn't the only member of the Bedingfield Family that has wicked musical talents. And for the record, anyone who doesn't think Natasha Bedingfield has wicked musical talents is either deaf or in denial...

Big brother Daniel actually dropped a number of years before little sister and scored a major International hit with this track, a club favorite and the soundtrack in my car for a number of months back in the day.

While I don't personally have anything or anyone I gotta get through right now - life is great, actually - this song was also my theme song for a number of craptacular relationships that needed escaping and the acoustic version remains in heavy rotation as one of my favorite songs to belt out when no one else is around.

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Newt said...

Great Track. I will have to check out the acoustic version.