Friday, January 16, 2009

Soundtrack of My Life

Song: I'll Be
Artist: Edwin McCain
Album: Misguided Roses (1998)

I loved this song the instant I heard it.

Driving around while working construction in St. Catharines during the summers between going to University, I spent a lot of time listening to the radio. In the summer of 1998, this track was all over the Top 40 radio station I listened to out of Buffalo, New York and with good reason.

It's a ballad without being too syrupy. There is power and volume and strength to the song just as equally as there is softness and sincerity and truth.

The scattered horns both at the beginning and end of the song give it an easy introduction and conclusion. The song doesn't just start or finish; rather it glides into the first verse and slides out to an ending, unlike so many song today that are abrupt, starting and ending before you know it.

Edwin McCain was never a big household name, but there aren't many people who don't know this song, which is a testament to how good it really is. The only other song of McCain's that you might now - or should know - is "I Could Not Ask for More," a song in a similar vein as this one that was also covered by country artist Sara Evans.

While so many ballads and love song fake sincerity and offer up cliched lyrics, this song is genuine and original. My favorite line has always been "I'll be better when I'm older" because in truth, that is the case for many of us. We grow into being the best we can be, it doesn't just happen instantly or overnight. I know that has been the case with me and most certainly with my relationship with Sarah.

Sit back and take a listen. This one is a dark horse contender for our wedding song.


jennifer said...

I love this song. It's a great song I think for the wedding... It suits you guys to the tee!

Newt said...

Amazing song. This was also top 3 for our wedding song followed by When You Say Nothing At All by Allison Krause and I'll Always Be Right There by Bryan Adams. Mr. Adams won.

E. Spencer Kyte said...

While your love of this song makes me happy, the fact that you would have picked Allison Krause over Ronan Keating saddens me. The RK version from Notting Hill is so much better!

Newt said...

true, I am sure that the Ronan Keating version is better but the song was in the running not for Allison Krause's singing abilities but for her good timing. I love the song because of where and when it was playing and how it helped my wife and I connect when our relationship was in its early days.