Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Rundown: Doubling Up

For my last day at Montana's today, I switched a shift around with my friend Boogie and worked a double.

Instead of having to work two days this week, the laziness kicked in and I figured rocking two shifts today while Sarah was writing her Nursing Exam would be easier than working another one tomorrow night. Plus, if it was real busy, I would run the risk of missing Grey's and that just isn't going to happen.

Working a double also got me thinking about other "doubles" out there and seeing as today is Wednesday, the idea came to me to list off my favourites for you in the strangest version of The Rundown yet.

All-Time Favourite "Doubles"

5. Double Dragon
Not the crappy movie version with Charlie Salinger from Party of Five and the guy who plays "The Chairman" on Iron Chef America, but the video game that inspired it. Anyone near my age remembers this bad boy and should remember it fondly. Two brothers, trained in Martial Arts, roaming the streets kicking ass and taking names. I pumped a lot of quarters into this game over the years.

4. Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese
If you're going to do grease, you may as well do grease completely and this my friends is the mother of all grease burgers... and it's so good. Save the sliced onions for someone else and give me half a pound of Grade G McDonald's Grey Beef in a box big enough to hold my super sized fries. Yes, I am a fatty.

3. "Double Trouble" - The Roots featuring Mos Def
Long ago I told you about my love of The Roots, the baddest hip hop band on the planet and current touring partners of my boys Gym Class Heros. This track, off the Things Fall Apart album, is dynamite and contains one of my favourite repeated lines in the history of hip hop: Either stand tall or sit the fuck down. You've been told.

2. Double Rye and Ginger
Why have one shot when two is better?

1. Tim Horton's Double Double
Double cream, double sugar, double delicious. Though I've strayed away from Timmy's a bunch over the last few years - Starbucks and making good ass coffee at home generally wins - there is still nothing better than a perfectly made Timmy's Double Double. At least not when it comes to this list...

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