Sunday, October 5, 2008

10 Things I Learned This Week

You have to know that I've been super busy if I skip my two favourite days to post on this site - Wednesday's Rundown and Friday's Soundtrack.

Shit is hectic people, but it comes to an end soon and we'll get back to business as usual.

Here's the week that was.

1. Most Uncomfortable Feeling Ever
No, it's not sitting in the backseat of the car while Sarah and her mom have an argument 25 years in the making, although that was pretty awkward too. It's been trying to sleep over the past week with these neck muscles of mine. No idea what I did, but since Monday they've been tighter than (fill in your joke of choice here). Just when I thought it was getting better, I spent last night tossing and turning until 2 AM before deciding to go into a coma courtesy of some muscle relaxers. Maybe I should get this looked at.

2. Kimbo Sliced
While it wasn't against Ken Shamrock as it was supposed to be - Shamrock got a cut warming up and couldn't fight - the mistake I called earlier in the week at The Love of Sports came to fruition as Seth "The Silverback" Petruzelli knocked Kimbo out in 14 seconds Saturday night. To quote The Hives, "Hate to say I told you so...."

3. Speaking of the CBS MMA Show...
If they keep running with these Saturday Night Fights cards, they need to hire me as the play-by-play guy. Or at least hire someone else. Maybe someone with a little MMA knowledge. They could even let Canadian Mauro Ranallo run with it since he's part of the broadcast already. Regardless of who they pick, it'll be better than Gus Johnson because after last night's "This is the greatest upset in the history of Mixed Martial Arts" call, homeboy needs to go.

4. How 'Bout Them Cubbies?
This is what happens when 100 years of misery and a spectacular regular season collide. Three straight to the Dodgers and you can make it 101. I kind of feel bad, but also like a bit of a genius too, because all season long on the Bugs & Cranks Top 30 I've been sending in comments wondering how the Cubs were going to screw this up. Pair this with the Kimbo thing and people might start to think I know what I'm talking about a little...

5. You Want to Charge Us How Much?
Thursday I had an estimate done for moving all our stuff across the country. The guy was Johnny Anectdote; everything he said had some story to it about his dogs or his neighbour or his friend. It took him 30 minutes to leave after a five minute walk around checking things out. Anyway, we don't have much stuff - no furniture, just "contents" as it is called and buddy guestimates it at 1500 pounds or so. I think it's less. So Friday I get an email from him containing the quotes. Where in the hell do you think I have $4500 stashed away to spend on moving you dolt? And why did you call me and chat me up for 20 minutes Saturday after I told you I got the quotes and would get back to you later?

6. Ready to Go
If we could jump on a plane tomorrow, we would. Nothing against anybody here, but we're ready. Since we've known for a while now that this was what we were doing, every day we're still here leads to more questions that we're sick of and a mounting frustration that people won't just leave well enough alone and stop pushing us about where we're moving, how we're getting there and whether we'll have the resources to succeed in Kimberley. Honestly, I'm nearly 30 and have done this a time or two - I got this. You can stop giving us your opinion now.

7. My Brother Learned a Lesson This Week
Turns out Pete was having one of his "Feel bad about the Old Man" moments this week and gave him a call. Much to no one's surprise, Phil is still playing the pariah card while wallowing in self-pity, clinging to the "we turned our back on him" belief. Five years after I learned it, Pete learned that there is no point - the old man is a lost cause and not worth the energy.

Note: I don't need the "Are you slagging your dad on your blog again?" comments... it's my blog... I'll talk about whatever I want...

8. I Got Paid!
No, Passion Magazine didn't come out of the woodwork and hand over a cheque for the four articles I've published, but Canadian Sports Magazine came through. Internet work aside, this was my first actual pay cheque for writing. Part of me wanted to get it framed and mounted, but I'm broke as shit so I bought some groceries and a pack of smokes instead.

9. Hard to Plan a Wedding...
When the people at the resort don't get back to you. Seriously. I've emailed them a bunch of times wondering about my man Deuce being able to come due to his severe allegries and I've gotten nothing back. Surely they're busy and I can appreciate that, but really, the least you could do is answer an email once in a while.

10. Sorry in Advance
Posts are probably going to be a little sparse over the next couple weeks, much like they have been since the Vancouver trip. It's just the price of doing business - everything has to be packed and as much as I want to get here everyday, more often than not there are other things that take precident. But that doesn't mean I don't love you. Like I said at the top, we'll get back to the daily delivery once we get set up in the new place.

Until then... I'll miss you!

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