Thursday, October 9, 2008

Has Facebook Jumped the Shark?

Some of you out there who hate the social networking supersite will say that it was never relevant in the first place, but millions of user can't be entirely wrong.

I will say, however, that with all the new applications and new look recently unveiled, I'm starting to wonder if Facebook's time has come and passed.

Case in point - Blabble.

The picture of my beautiful niece Gracie Lou is my first foray into the tool.

The premise of it is quite simple really: you can now add speech bubbles to any picture in your photo albums. So instead of just having the caption you could always use, now you can have each person saying something.

Neat-o, hey?

Not really. It's kind of overkill to me.

In fact, many of the Facebook changes over the last couple months seem like bad moves to me and have lessened my time spent there, as it has many others I suspect.

Instead of being an entertaining interaction tool to keep in touch and stalk old girlfriends, now you get spam wall posts, advertisements out the yin yang and notifications of notifications that you already received notification about.

My Facebook Fan Page was a casualty of war a couple months ago and with the dwindling amount of time I spend on my actual profile page these days, it may go the way of the dodo in the very near future as well.

As always, I love to hear your thoughts on this...


Moe said...

You're talking about Apps, not Facebook.

E. Spencer Kyte said...

The Apps run in Facebook and that makes Facebook the issue to me. I agree the Apps are the main problem, but they weren't before Facebook started OK'ing anything and everything... and taking away my Scrabulous!

Ashley said...

I hate the new facebook, i'm barely addicted to checking it frequently anymore!