Friday, October 10, 2008

Soundtrack of My Life

Song: Clothes Off!
Artist: Gym Class Heroes
Album: As Cruel As School Children (2006)

You know that scene in Knocked Up where Seth Rogen's character says he's pretty sure that he and Vince Vaughn would be good friends? That's how I feel about Travis McCoy of Gym Class Heroes.

While the chances of that actually being true - or ever being tested - are somewhere better than me winning the lottery, that isn't saying much. So for now, I'll continue to fly my GCH support flag proudly.

Like anyone who knows the name of this band, I got my first taste through "Cupid's Chokehold," with the difference being that I kept listening and realized that these guys are pretty much the epitome of what type of bands and musicians and music I love.

There is parts of everything in this track - a hilarious sample of a cheesy 80s tune, some quick lines that you may not catch the first time from Travie, a hook sung by Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy (Yes, I still like Fall Out Boy) and the video kicks off with the boys rolling to the casino as "Viva La White Girl" plays.

As a point of interest to perhaps no one - the white girl is Ms. "I Kissed a Girl and I Liked It" Katy Perry, Travis' girlfriend.

Back to our originally scheduled program...

These guys are basically a band that just loved doing what they do and don't take themselves too seriously. Anyone who has dance battles against Panic At The Disco dressed up as animals in their video obviously is up for a laugh, especially at themselves.

Lyrically, I love Travie because while there is a ton of humour in what he says, you have to appreciate the flow. He's not some Young MC delivering nothing but corny lyrics; he's making you laugh (maybe) by dropping well conceived, quick witted lines.

Now here's another barn burner for the slow learners
Put your helmets on and take a seat on the short bus
Next stop, right around the corner from your momma live
No turning back so you better buckle up
Shit, don't be concerned with mine
I feel like a Speak and Spell way I got you learning my lines
Fine, pull the string, replay that shit
I change my name to "did he really just say that shit?"

The other reason I have been in the corner of Gym Class Heroes since I first latched onto them is Travis' openness about his addiction to opiates.

I don't have a lot of bookmarks on my computer - mainly sports stuff for work and fantasy sports stuff for play - but one thing I do have saved is Travie's Blog. He doesn't say a lot very often, but anyone who is willing to be 100% truthful and upfront about the challenges he's faced and the battle he is fighting is good in my books.

Plus, he loves The Wire. Enough said.

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