Thursday, October 2, 2008

My Name Is Spencer and I Have a Problem

I am seriously addicted to the sport of Mixed Martial Arts.

All I want to do is immerse myself into everything I can get my hands on that deals with MMA.

The last two books I've read?

A Fighters Heart by Sam Sheppard and Title Shot by Kelly Crigger, both dealing with people becoming deeply involved with the world and culture of MMA.

I write at least one post a week for The Love of Sports that has something to do with Mixed Martial Arts, whether it's a preview of an upcoming card, profile on a fighter or an editorial on Saturday's Kimbo Slice v. Ken Shamrock bout like the one currently posted.

My current computer addiction of choice is World of Mixed Martial Arts by Grey Dog Software. Basically, I play Dana White (pictured) in a fictional UFC. It's like NFL Head Coach for MMA junkies like me and I can't get enough of it.

It's not limited to the UFC either; my thirst for knowledge and information encompasses all the US-based organizations, operations running out of Canada, the various incarnations overseas and in Japan, everything.

My favourite show isn't even on TV; it's MMA Live, a weekly Internet show from ESPN.

And don't forget Operation: 185, my workout regimine that will be rekindled once we set up shop in Kimberley. That too is MMA-based.

Hell, I even watched - check that - suffered through Never Back Down the other night on PPV because I (1) couldn't sleep and (2) it's about MMA.

When you're willing to watch really bad movies just because they have a remote connection to something you enjoy, that's when you know you have a serious problem.

And that's why I say to you, "My Name is Spencer and I'm an addict."

Hi Spencer...


Ashley said...

Spencer's a nerd!

jennifer said...

AGREED Ash.. but then again, we all have a little bit of nerd in us.. but of course it's more dominant in some hahaha

Newt said...

I thought for sure the nerd card would have been pulled on the Marc Ecko star wars gear post. I didnt think MMA was all that geeky. I thought it was more like wrestling for adults.

Anonymous said...

This is Kelly Crigger. Thanks for reading my book. I hope you enjoyed it.