Saturday, October 25, 2008

Pretty Busy Saturday... Not Sure If We'll Have Enough Time

Today is my Frank the Tank day.

Well, I don't think I'm going to be jumping on a beer bong later tonight and eventually ruining my relationship with Sarah, but still, we've got a pretty big Saturday planned.

First of all, our stuff should be here within the next two hours. That means that before noon today (this was written at 9:30) everything we've been waiting for will get here and we'll have a living room full of boxes that need to be unpacked.

The arrival of all our stuff leads to the second activity of the day - returning the rental car. Our stuff includes our car, Vic, so we won't be needing the 2000 Taurus we're been spinning around for the last week and change, so we'll drive into Cranbrook to drop it off and get Vic his first taste of BC roadways.

Since bombing into Cranbrook actually takes around half an hour, you don't go into town and not get stuff done and we're no different.

Groceries were grabbed yesterday, but like everyone else we tend to forget things everytime, so we need to pick up some steaks for later in the week. We also need to grab some goodies for tonight too.

See, after only a week in town, we've already got friends!

Actually, Sarah has a friend and he and his girlfriend have invited us to dinner at their house. We're making sushi!

They've lived here for a couple years and Sarah has literally know him her whole life, so we'll be picking up a couple bottles of Sake and Pinot Grigio to bring with us and who knows what happens from there...

One thing is for certain: there'll be no streaking since Kimberley is small enough for everyone to know everyone else...

Regardless of how the night ends up, I'm looking forward to our nice, busy Saturday.

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