Saturday, February 2, 2008

My Life is a Sesame Street Song

I am, without exaggeration, the one of these things that doesn't belong. Sarah agrees with me too. And it actually applies on a number of different levels.

Amongst our circle of friends here in Newfoundland, I don't fit. They're nursing students, would-be scientists, academically inclined smart people. I have an Arts Degree that I never intended to use, know absolutely nothing about the human body (Not in that way you dumb bastards!) and adopt a glossy blank stare whenever the discussions sway towards nursing / health related topics, which is quite frequent. Luckily, we usually get together somewhere where there is either (a) a TV with sports highlights for me to watch or (b) another boyfriend who isn't into the whole nursing / science thing, but they also have no clue about sports or movies or the stuff that is most important to me.

Occasionally, someone fires me a bone and asks about my writing, which makes me perk up a little, but after engaging me for the minimum amount of time, they usually revert back to talking about the procedures they have been involved in or various organs, bones and diseases I know nothing about and I go back to sticking out like a sore thumb.

This next bit is going to sound strange, but I don't fit the profile appearance wise either. I know that it is a huge generalization to say that Newfoundlanders look a certain way, dress a certain way etc. etc. etc. but let's face it - every pocket of society has it's own distinct appearance and mine definitely doesn't portray me as being from these parts.

Take last night. I rocked a mohawk. Not like an 80's punk band, Anarchy Rules! kind of mohawk, more of a Kevin Federline on the cover of Details a couple months ago mohawk. It's grown out a little so it's turning into a faux-hawk, but you get the picture. That doesn't play here very well. It is an immediate "look at that guy" whenever we're in public. (Note: Please tell me if it is an automatic "look at that guy" everywhere, just so I know...)

Clothes matter to me. Not that they don't to others, but I really like fashion, I don't mind saying it. Coordination and style means a great deal to me. I don't own a ski-doo jacket; I rock blazers and sports jackets. Big-ass snowboots aren't in my closet, nor are running shoes; I've got a pair of Timberlands, some dressy sneakers (for sneaking) and a pair of beige corduroy slip on loafers that are full-out bad-ass! I got them in Paris. They're awesome! My argyle sweater vest is a dead give away of my being from away too...


Anonymous said...

"I don't own a ski-doo jacket; I rock blazers and sports jackets." This is the most insulting thing I have ever read. Not all Newfoundlanders are hicks in ski-doo jackets, and a mohawk isn't that "rare" around here, people are gawking at you for something reason. Get off your high horse.
Oh, and if you don't like Anonymous postings, change the settings on your blog.

Deuce said...

Its hardly an insulting comment...its partially true. A LOT of people have Ski-Doo jackets around these parts...ya know...for Snowmobiling a favorite pastime of Newfoundlanders.

I've been born and raised in Newfoundland, and i don't take any offense to an observation such as that...

And yea. Mohawks ARE that rare around here...I've seen half a dozen guys across the island including you Spen who rock the mohawk. Personally i think you're the only one that doesn't like a douchebag with it. But hey, maybe thats cause i like ya :P

Ashley said...

What's a ski-doo jacket?

Anonymous said...

Spencer, I agree with ya about the ski-doo jackets. Since moving here my wife has purchased not one but two!!