Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Ch'Ch'Ch'Ch'Ch'Ch'Check It Out

Title homage to the Beastie Boys aside, welcome to a little something that is probably long overdue around these parts.

I'm a movies / music / books kind of guy and since I'm seriously underemployed at a certain blue and yellow uniformed, giant ticket as a logo, multi-national video rental chain store, wouldn't it make sense for me to use Tuesdays as an opportunity to hip you to what's new on the shelves this week? I think so...


The list of albums being released today is ginormous, so I figured I'd peg a handful that I have something to say about and go from there. No disrespect meant to Paramore or Against Me!, two good bands releasing new albums today, but I just don't have much to say about either of you.

Thriller 25th Anniversary Edition
- Michael Jackson
I know there are some of you who frequent this site who weren't even a glimmer in your parents' eyes when Thriller first hit Record Stores, but that doesn't change the fact that it was - and still is - one of the most influential and outstanding albums of all-time. Yes, Michael is a total sideshow freak now, but back then, he was The King of Pop and this was his crowning achievement.

Feedback - Janet Jackson
Interestingly, Michael's little sister has an album hitting store today as well. Just like her big brother, Janet used to be relevant. Her second album, Control, established her as a player in the music biz and Rhythm Nation was a monster. Somehow, she managed to top Rhythm Nation with her next album, janet, you know, the one with her then-husband Rene holding her boobs. After that though, things got a little less interesting with each passing record. Some people loved The Velvet Rope, though I wasn't one of them, and everything since has been one, maybe two singles and that's about it. We'll see what this one has to offer...

Bring Me Your Love - City & Colour
The follow-up to the outstanding Sometimes, Alexisonfire's Dallas Clark returns for another round of acoustic guitars and heartfelt lyrics on his new City & Colour disc. Sometimes, which featured one of my favourite tracks of 2006 ("Coming Home"), was a huge departure from the loud, fast, wickedness of Alexisonfire but I have to say, it worked and worked well. Dallas is an outstanding musician and this is one album and artist that you really need to take my word on, even if you think I'm a member of the Musical Moron Society.

Criminal Minded Deluxe Edition - Boogie Down Productions
Honestly, KRS-One doesn't get enough respect as one of the greatest emcees in this world and the tragic murder of DJ Scott La Rock on August 27, 1987 just months after this album was originally released stole brilliance from the Hip Hop Community for years to come. Go get your hands on "The Bridge Is Over" and tell me it isn't one of the best hip hop joints of all time.

There are always like 20 titles that come out on a given Tuesday, 75% of which are crap and you don't need to see and I don't need to review. I'm sure you can figure out what She Likes Girls 2 is all about on your own. Yes, it's a real title and it's not porn.

I figure, instead of wasting my time with everything that has come out, I'd give you two a week - a big name, big budget movie that is worth watching and a little, lesser known title deserves your attention as well. With that in mind, here we go...

Gone Baby Gone
Not to take nothing away from the Marky Mark / Joaquin Phoenix We Own The Night which also comes out today, but for me, this is the pick. Does the fact that I have a man-crush on writer/director Ben Affleck and think his little brother Casey is blossoming into one of the best actors of his time? Of course it does, but this is also a great movie outside of those factors. I want everyone to watch it and then come back here and tell me what you would do. I know that doesn't make sense now, but go watch the movie. You'll understand...

I like movies about writers, especially when they're writers who are a little left of center, like me. Billy Crudup is so far left of center as the star of this movie it's unreal. And I love it! Directed by Justin Theroux - the Evil DJ from Zoolander - this is far from your typical love story and is a good laugh. So long as your sense of humour is a little skewed. Otherwise, you might just think it's totally retarded and I have horrible taste in movies. P.S. I'm starting to warm to Mandy Moore as an actress...


Newt said...

Spencer are you reviewing the new music or are you simply letting us know about it? I took a listen to the bonus material on the 25th anniversary thriller album and I must say that the remixes are pretty weak... okay REALLY weak. For all of you who want to get to know Micheal Jackson in his prime I suggest you find the thriller album without the additional tracks. They really are dragging an amazing, ground-breaking classic of an album down. Way down.

E. Spencer Kyte said...

Not reviewing Newt, just saying what's out there... I don't have time to review music, especially not for free and for the purposes of my blog.

You had to know the new stuff would suck though.

Newt said...

Generally I agree with remixes for the sole purpose of bringing a classic tune to the ears of a younger generation that may or may not have had access to the song prior to it hitting the mainstream once again (a sad but true realization). I also agree that a new remix of most songs will generally not due justice to its original but in this case they are especially bad.