Sunday, February 3, 2008

10 Things I Learned This Week

1. Happy Birthday Emily Grace!
My beautiful little niece turns one today. I can't believe it has been a year since she was born. I've only seen her twice and one of those times she spent the whole time crying and wanting nothing to do with me. She is easily one of the biggest reasons I am excited to be moving home in May. You're an angel Gracie Lou and your Uncle Spencer loves you very much...

2. Thank God It's Super Bowl Sunday
Because if I had to go through another week of hearing about every last little thing that has taken place in Tom Brady's life, I think I might swear off football altogether. I honestly expected the sports channels to have little running trackers of Brady's whereabouts and what he's wearing running along the bottom of the screen instead of scores.

3. Barack Obama Needs to be President
Watched a couple hours of the debate last night on CNN and I have to say that Obama just comes across as the better candidate. He's a real dude, whereas Hilary Clinton has that "I'm better than you" appearance to her. Isn't it about time that there is someone other than a Bush or a Clinton in the White House? C'mon America, make Barack Obama the next Commander in Chief.

4. The Mets Will Still Screw Things Up
Sure, they may have just landed one of the best pitchers in all of baseball and signed him to an astronomical contract, but seriously, these are the Mets we're talking about. This is the same team that shit the bed last year at the very last possible second. It's not like Philly suddenly got crappy over the off-season either. This is already my favourite story to watch all season long... and yes, I look forward to hearing what you think about this Brad.

5. I Heart Juno
Saw it Tuesday night and fell in love with it. Been listening to the soundtrack all week and talking about the film with anyone who cares to listen. Diablo Cody wrote an amazing film and deserves to win an Oscar. Ellen Page could too, but she's got stiff competition. All that being said, I can see where some people aren't going to like this movie. The writing is quick, sharp and smart but it will undoubtedly be too much for some people. Kinda like how some folks just don't like Little Miss Sunshine.

6. My Picture is Going to be in a Magazine
Along with a brief professional bio, Passion Magazine will be including a headshot of a goofy-looking guy that they let write articles for them in the next issue, on sale February 11th at all Chapters and Shoppers Drug Mart locations. Except in Newfoundland... we get it a week later.
7. I Need to Care Less About Work
The simple fact of the matter is that it's not my job to worry about everything that goes on there and always wanting things to work out the way I think they should is just stupid, because it's not going to happen. Starting tomorrow, it's show up, work my shift and call it a day; no anger, no frustration, no concern. All that energy is going to get channeled into my writing... or NBA Live '08.

8. "High School never ends."
Great line from The Jane Austen Book Club which I watched last night and thoroughly enjoyed. Immediately after I heard the line, I got to thinking and an idea for a post you'll get later in the week has now formed in my over-sized head. For now, mull it over; think about it in preparation for the piece. Yes, I just gave you homework.

9. Update: The Tattoo Fund
So I bought a pack of smokes again this week, which means two weeks in a row without a penny being dropped into the Tattoo Fund jar. That being said, I have done a lot of thinking about what I am going to get next. One thing it isn't going to be is a giant knife up the middle of my chest. Seriously! This is why some people automatically think tattoos are stupid.

10. I Love Having the Weekend Off
I know that a segment of society has every Saturday and Sunday off, but I haven't ever worked in that sector, so getting the full "real weekend" off is wicked to me. By the time tomorrow rolls around, I will have had two straight days of lounging around the house with Sarah, watching Friends, a handful of movies, reading and just doing the things we enjoy most. No interruptions, no work, nothing but relaxing. It's been a great way to end a crappy week.



Chalk said...

Spen -- I've been having trouble deciding who to vote for in Tuesday's primary. Had been thinking of asking TobinTobin to try to convince me to vote for Obama....

But if you endorse O, and not only watched The Jane Austen Book Club but are willing to publicly admit liking it.... that's not the kind of change our country needs. I guess I got to pull the lever for HIllary -- though really I'm voting for Bill.

(And good luck with the Sesame Street Syndrome.)

E. Spencer Kyte said...

Oh Chalk...

Have you seen the movie? Do you know what it's about? And if the opinions of one Canadian can sway your decision for who should run your country should you really be voting at all?

Hilary just seems smug to me. She constantly referred to Obama as "Barack" which I saw as her not wanting to acknowledge his place in the Senate since one of her points for her candidacy is the relative inexperience of Obama, though she has only been a Senator for a couple years longer... just my insights though...

Ultimately, I just wish that I had candidates like either of them and a chance for real meaningful change in my country's political arena.

Ashley said...

Come on, what's wrong with the Clintons?
And I'm not sure I want homework from you, mister...I have enough already! Glad to hear you enjoyed your weekend off!
p.s didja get a chance to watch snowbuddies?
ha ha ha

E. Spencer Kyte said...

Nothing in particular wrong with The Clinton's, just spending another four to eight years with the same family in the White House seems like a mistake to me.

Bubba did some good things and Hilary could too, but Obama is a 100% free outlook and face on the scene and sometimes those guys can completely surprise you.

As for Snow Buddies.... uh, no!