Thursday, February 7, 2008

Death of the Dishonour Roll

It is with little remorse that we announce the passing of the Thursday segment "The Dishonour Roll," which made it's last public appearance on January 31, 2008. Following a lackluster performance of chirping at a 3-year-old child for being a 3-year-old child, The Dishonour Roll crawled into bed for a nap and never woke up.

Remembered for chastising Dina Lohan and mocking The Spears Family, the intention of the Dishonour Roll was intriguing and showed some promise, but ultimately, it ended up sounding like a guy sitting in a chair, bitching for the sake of bitching, and no one needs that in their life.

If we may, a moment of silence for our fallen column...

Rest In Peace.

* * * * * * * * * *

So now the question becomes "What the hell am I going to write about on Thursdays?"

As of right now, there is no immediate answer. While I like the thought of having segments slotted for different days of the week, I also have found them to be some of the hardest bits to write because sometimes there just wasn't anyone who really needed to be called out in the Dishonour Roll or a full 10 Things That I Learn in a week. Soundtrack is safe because music still permeates my life and there are literally thousands of songs I can pull from. Same goes for The Rundown.

Until something really great strikes me - which may never happen - we're just going to wing it and take each Thursday as it comes. Sound good to you?

* * * * * * * * * *

Do you remember what movies you've seen and what movies you haven't?

Working at Blockbuster, it strikes me as annoyingly odd when people come up to the counter or stop me while I'm walking on the floor and ask me to check their accounts to see if they have seen a certain film. How do you not remember?

I'm not talking about movies from days gone by or anything like that either; we're talking brand-spanking-new releases that haven't even been out for two months and people can't remember if they've seen it.

We used to live with a girl who was afflicted with this condition. No word of a lie, pretty much every movie she ever picked off the shelf when she came into the store or asked me to bring home for her at one point or another she had actually already seen. How does that happen? How do you forget that you've seen Babel? And Friends with Money. And Perfect Stranger. Not that these are all great movies, but c'mon, is it that hard to remember? Seriously, it became a bad joke... and annoying as hell. Without fail, ten minutes into a movie you would hear, "Oh, yeah, I have seen this. Now I remember."

Granted, this could be a case of me being freakishly weird by being able to tell you with some certainty whether or not I have seen a specific movie dating back as far as I can remember. So long as you give me a little insight into the flick if I'm cloudy on it, I think I can be pretty damn accurate. I know, I'm a geek. I accept that.

The lingering question for me is does this affliction transfer over to other segments of Pop Culture as well? Do these people forget what books they've read too until their twenty pages in? What about music? Do they forget what songs they've heard? What artists they like?

And what about everyday life? Does it pop up there as well? Forget what groceries you bought the other day and end up with three cartons of eggs in the fridge?

Please help me if you can... I need to understand how this works.


newt said...

R.I.P. dishonour roll. You shall be missed.

Chalk said...

Might I suggest "Choreographer Thursdays"?

Who wouldn't love that?

Oh, right -- anyone who is isn't a total Sally.

The Dis-Roll certainly had its moments. Great art never dies, so I don't quite feel the need to pour out perfectly good liquor. Waste not want not.

Ashley said...

I would love choreographer thursdays!

erin said...

i don't like change spencer it makes me uncomfortable choreographer thursdays sounds like a nightmare i had a few years back and whats wrong with bitching for the sake of bitching as you know i do it all the time.... it pleases me.