Tuesday, February 26, 2008


How hard is it to do the job right, the first time?

An accountant can't take a stab at doing your taxes, screw it up and then blame his poor effort on the shoddy job that the accountant in the cubicle next to him does.

Surgeons can't wing it when they enter an OR and cut you open.

Hell, the mailman can't even get away with dropping your mail at the house next door.

So why is it that when people are given simple, basic tasks and afforded an entire day to do them, they still can't manage to do it right? It's not like you're being asked to split the bloody atom now is it?

Note: Those being asked to split the atom have a free pass on this one... keep up the good work boys and girls!

If you don't know, ask somebody. If you need assistance, seek it out. If you're pissed that someone else isn't pulling their weight, don't fall to their level, because then someone else just has to come in and clean up the messes left behind by two people instead of one and that's even worse now, isn't it? Handle your business and let karma do her thing...

"Do or do not. There is no try."

Right on Yoda!


Newt said...

Awww... I thought this was going to be an "almost" dishonour roll with a nice lenghty rant about the lil' stomper or a disgruntled blockbuster shopper. I agree with your words, I just don't understand your motivation but I think that was the point.

Ashley said...

Ha ha ha. I think I can predict just exactly what you're talking about!
p.s I miss the Dishonor Roll. I think I could have adapted better if you had given choreographer Thursdays a try....
p.p.s No one has your magazine! Not Shoppers! Not Chapters ( Erin made the stock guy search their backroom for the one copy the computer said they had)! Where can I find one?

Newt said...

Oh I see.. this is an inside joke blog now.

Although I am typically a positive thinker I also miss the dishonour roll. It was nice to get a rant from you once a week. I however do not miss the thoughts and possibilities of a choreographer Thursday. It kinda makes me shutter.

I too cannot find a copy of Passion magazine. I am starting to believe that it is a fictional character (similar to Yoda).