Saturday, May 16, 2009

Slow Motion Saturday

This is the full extent of what I want to do today.

For no real reason, I have exactly zero ambition. Writing this blog has taken longer than imaginable and it serves as the single greatest amount of energy I have expended since I got up.

Earlier this week, I actually made Sarah frustrated with me because of the amount of energy and enthusiasm I had for doing obnoxious household chores like the dishes or cleaning up from our Calgary trek.

Today, not so much and that doesn't bode well for completing the things that actually have to get done. Namely, groceries.

We have zero food, in the sense that we have two cans of The Chef, some tins of tuna, bread, eggs and peanut butter, but none of that appeals to either one of us in the least. It's our first day off together and I'd like to have a nice dinner.

Unfortunately, I also want to resume laying on the couch watching copious amounts of shows that I really don't care about.

Worst of all, I ordered pizza last night, so that throws that option out the window too.

What's a guy to do?

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