Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Rundown: Comic Book Flicks

Having recently watched Wolverine and hearing about all the spin off possibilities their talking about with the film - more Wolverine flicks, Gambit, an X-Men intro flick - I got to thinking about what comic book characters I would love to see on the big screen.

Yes, I'm a comic book geek at heart... deal with it.

Top 5 Fan Boy Flicks

5. Daredevil
I know it's been done and while I like Affleck in general, this movie was a horrible disservice to Matt Murdock and his alter ego. It was like the hokey take on Ghost Rider, which isn't surprising since the same dude penned both. Both had limitless potential and both were very, very bad. Sadly, I fear the same will come of Mark Steven Johnson's next project, the ultra-cool Preacher.

4. Captain America
This one is two-fold for me. One, I remember the horribly bad Captain America TV movie from waaaay back in the day (which I watched again on Space not that long ago) and know it can be much better. Two, I know it's in the works as an introduction to The Avengers, that initiative mentioned by Sam Jackson as Nick Fury at the end of Iron Man. You know, after the credits. Go back and watch it and wait for this one.

3. Magneto
Another that is already in the works that has me excited, simply because Sir Ian McKellan is so damn good at being Erik Lehnsherr, although it's possible he won't be playing the role. What makes me even more interested in this project is seeing the portrayal of someone known the masses as a bad guy at the origins of his life as a child in Auschwitz.

2. The Flash
Barry Allen (that's The Flash's real name) had a television series back in the early 90s with Dawson Leery's dad playing the title role. Clearly, the character is due for a big time revamp to remove those images from our mind.

1. Wonder Woman
We all remember how horrible the last couple female superhero appearances on camera have been. Batgirl? Catwoman? Elektra? What we need is a kick as female character to reclaim the throne and bust out the golden Lasso of Truth. And what guy wouldn't line up to see, say, Jessica Biel in that outfit?

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