Thursday, May 14, 2009

Yep, This Sounds About Right for Me

Life is one ironic son of a bitch, isn't it?

For two pleasurable years, I wrote at great length about an average Toronto Blue Jays baseball team, earning little to no money and catching flack from fellow Blue Jays scribes and site readers alike for my lack of enthusiasm about the team.

So I made a change.

When the new year began, I jumped ship, leaving my position at Bugs & Cranks to accept the role of Senior Editor and Writer at The Love of Sports, a site I had been writing for regularly where I was even earning a little pocket money.

Everything seemed to be headed in the right direction.

But this is me we're talking about, so you know something had to go wrong.

We're now midway through May, the Blue Jays are in first place and are brimming with storylines, from the continued dominance of Doc Halladay to the emergence of guys like Scott Richmond (except last night) and youngster Brett Cecil, who looks like he should stay up regardless of who gets healthy.

On the flip side, The Love of Sports is in a state of flux. I haven't had anything to do with the site for over a month due to operational issues, the money stopped coming in a good month before that and three months of putting in hours a day to build the site have amounted to being close to useless for me.

Sounds about right.

The moral of the story: do not ever attempt to become a freelance writer.

If you do and you happen to find a great site where you like writing, stay there. I miss my Bugs & Cranks family, even the dumb asses who left stupid comments.

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Chalk said...

Aw, we miss you too Spenny. If it's any consolation the Jays season is sure to go to shit pretty quick.