Friday, May 15, 2009

Soundtrack of My Life

Song: Anybody Listening?
Artist: Classified
Album: Self Explanatory (2009)

I mentioned how much I'm loving Class right now in Sunday's 10 Things, so it's only right to give a day of respect to the Halifax MC who has been one of my personal favorites for quite some time.

You gotta respect a guy who has clearly done what he's done simply because it's what he loves to do. Classified is the epitome of that on the Canadian Hip Hop scene, having been around and earned numerous accolades over the last few years while remaining largely unknown and unheard.

While the single is instantly catchy because of the Phil Collins sample used in the chorus, it doesn't get by on that element alone. As always, Classified delivers smart lyrics discussing the struggle of the industry, something he did equally well on "Find Out" from his 2007 release Hitch Hikin' Music.

The guy is a legitimate talent that speaks his mind and delivers real rhymes like they did before hip hop became about money, guns and all the other bullshit that has diluted the art over the last ten years.

This song is a throwback to me with the recognizable sample, scratching and tight rhymes, making it so different from the over-produced junk clogging the airwaves today. I'm talking to you Soulja Boy...

Plus, it's always nice to give a love to a Canadian talent and spread his name and his skills wherever we can.

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