Thursday, May 28, 2009

Inspiration Returns

No, I hadn't gone into a funk after rattling off the first draft of my book proposal last week or anything like that.

After all, I've been here almost every day since we got back from the Dominican, haven't I?

What the title of this piece refers to is the gentleman to the left, Thomas Pendelton, one of my inspirations.

Anyone who remembers the A&E show "Inked" remembers Thomas, Carey Hart's original manager of Hart & Huntington.

Long story short, I feel a connection with Thomas. He's traveled a long road to get to where he is and his creativity and art has always served as his outlet and I can understand and appreciate that.

I can also greatly appreciate walking away from the things he had with Hart & Huntington to straighten out and build a life with his wife Monica, with whom he now has three super-cute kids.

After leaving "Inked," he started Ministry of Ink, a clothing line and apparel company, as well as continued being the incredible, distinct artist that he is. I've followed the websites, checked out a lot of the artwork and have remained in awe.

Now, my man is back on TV with his new show Tattoo Highway and watching it last night sent chills down my spine and reminded me why I've thought of Thomas as an inspiration all this time.

During the last segment of the second episode, he was doing a portrait for a gentleman of his recently-deceased wife and after hearing a few stories and going back to sketch out the piece, Thomas couldn't draw the piece because he couldn't stop crying and that's when it clicked.

There is an incredible vulnerability to him and it shows through on camera and in the way he talks about his art and his passions and that is something you don't always get with "celebrities" or who have been in the public eye.

Normally, you hear standard answers to standard questions and inflated versions of themselves, but not with this guy. You get the straight answer, whether it's pretty or not, and his emotions run through everything he does.

Like drawing that portrait. Of course you're going to think about your wife after hearing someone speak so longingly about their partner who is now gone. I was and I couldn't imagine what I would do if Sarah was gone from my life. But unlike so many other people on television who apologize for crying or act as if emotional situations don't impact them, here is a guy who can't stop the tears from flowing and makes no apologies.

I dig that and I dig his return, both to television and to inspiring me in my work.

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hahahaa Thats Me!.... thank you...