Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Too Sore to Type

That's what happens when you launch into the first fourteen hour gaming session you've had in years on a dreary afternoon. And to think, I was originally supposed to work all day yesterday.

UFC Undisputed cripples your hands and leaves you wanting more. As I write this, I'm already thinking about the next move in the career of my created fighter. For those of you wondering, the answer is no; I'm not using an in-shape incarnation of myself to pummel people.

That guy wasn't that good, so I retired him and made Urijah Faber as a lightweight instead.

After waiting a couple months to pick up the game, I can see what all the hype and accolades were about. This really is a pretty incredible game that works for both hardcore MMA fans like myself and button-mashing addicts who don't know Rampage Jackson from Janet Jackson.

To me, the best part is that unlike various other combat sports games, you can't just pick up the sticks and crush everyone; you're fighter has to learn and grow and improve or else he'll end up next to Spencer "The Fury" Kyte on the retired fighters list.

Time to go and further develop my fighter ... and my Nintendo thumb.


Newt said...

What game system are you playing it on Spen?

E. Spencer Kyte said...

360... button-mashing goodness!