Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Maybe You Shouldn't Talk So Much

Well if it isn't the cast of Entourage.

For the first three or four seasons of the show, I was an addict. Love it, watched it religiously and rented full seasons from Blockbuster when I didn't have access to The Movie Network to watch episodes as they aired.

But somewhere a few seasons back, the show became stale. Truthfully, there is only so much weed-smoking and ass-chasing a guy can watch when the real stars of the show - E and Ari - are doing the same bits over and over again.

So it amazes me to read this morning that the writers of Entourage took a shot at Seth Rogan in last night's episode, pondering whether a real life pairing between he and Knocked Up co-star Katherine Heigl could ever really happen and calling his look "oddly fascinating."

First of all, the "Seth Rogan as a different sort of leading man" debate went down about four years ago now, back when Knocked Up was relevant, so you kind of missed the boat on that one. And really, you're show has kind of jumped the shark and only remains an HBO staple because there will always be legions of frat boys who like seeing boobs on cable and guys sitting around smoking weed.

Here's the other thing: Seth Rogan is doing far better career-wise than the entire cast of Entourage ... combined.

Jeremy Piven is one of my all-time favorite sidekicks and a fantastic actor, but it's not like people are breaking down doors to get to Adrian Grenier, Kevin Dillon, Jerry Ferrara or Kevin Connelly.

Of all of them, Connelly is the only one to have marginal success outside of the show and that was basically playing a real estate agent version of E in He's Just Not That Into You.

Meanwhile, Seth Rogan delivers serious box office numbers every time out and is set to have yet another successful opening next week with Funny People.

Who cares that he doesn't look like Johnny Depp and a real-life romance with Heigl could never happen?

Your show sucks balls now ... maybe you should worry about that instead?