Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Rundown: Favorite Friends

Some of you may know this and some of you won't, but I'm a major, major fan of Friends. Major to the point that Sarah and I own every season and keep them on in rotation whenever there is nothing else on the go.

Put it this way: we've already ran through all ten seasons once since we've been out here and we're on Disc 2 of Season 9 right now.

Seeing as I watch so many episodes a week, I thought today I would narrow down my list and fill you in on my favorite episodes. Everybody has favorites and these are mine.

Top 5 Friends Episodes

5. Any one with flashbacks to Fat Monica
I know how horrible that sounds, but you can't tell me that Courtney Cox in a fat suit isn't funny. Whether it's the episode with Dr. Boring or visiting Ross at college, Fat Monica is always enjoyable.

4. The One with the Male Nanny
We have adopted the name of one of Freddie Prinze Jr.'s sock puppets as the reference to whichever member of the house is being a grumpy bastard. That person is automatically The Grumpus...

3. The One Where No One is Ready
Nothing beats Joey decked out in all of Chandler's clothes doing lunges.

2. The One with the Ultimate Fighting Championship
Some of the best lines ever come from this episode. My two personal favorites:
(1) One day, kids are going to argue about who would win a fight, me or Superman. I'm not saying I can beat Superman, just, you know, kids are stupid.
(2) See this circle I'm marking, this is my Circle of Terror.

1. The One with the Embryos
The game for the apartment is easily the most entertaining episode in the history of the show. Big Fat Goalie. Maurice, Space Cowboy. Ms. Chanandeler Bong. Need I go on? I think not.

Now your turn... tell me your favorites.


Ashley said...

OMG I have been waiting for a blog like this for a long time! Something I can relate to!
Okay, here are my top 5, however, I have to say that they are all fabulous!
#1: The one in Vegas when Ross and Rachel get married
#2: The one when Rachel finds out about Ross at prom and they get together for real
#3: The one with the apartment switch game
#4: The one with George Stephanopolis and Twister
#5: The one where everyone turns 30

Sarah said...

I don't know if I can only choose 5, they are all awesome! But here goes my list.
#5 the one with the video tape of ross and rachel
#4 the one with the apartment switching game
#3 the one where ross is fine (and makes FAJITAS!!!)
#2 the one with all the thanksgivings
#1 the one where no one's ready

Ashley said...

Good choices, Sarah!

Pat C said...

My favourite - the one where Danny Devito is a male stripper at the bachelorette party. So Funny.