Monday, April 6, 2009

Cusack? In Fernie?

So the other week when Sarah was coming home from Vancouver, she was excited to tell me that she saw my hero, my cinematic idol, John Cusack, strolling through the Calgary airport.

Pretty cool, I must say. So far I've been limited to seeing Ken Dryden and a couple other hockey players over the years. I'd have tackled Cusack. Seriously.

Turns out, he wasn't just up here for the weather; he's shooting a movie in Fernie!

All of an hour and a half away from me rests Lloyd Dobler, Rob Gordon, Martin Blank and Craig Schwartz. You know what this means, right?

Sure as shit we're making a trip to Fernie one day this week. Not that we ever needed an excuse to head in for some serious sushi, but the possibility of a Cusack sighting makes it all the more worth it, especially seeing as it's really nice out and we can still drove home in the sunlight now.

Maybe he'll be on our flight to Calgary on Sunday.

I'd go over and say hi.

We'll strike up a conversation about film and writing.

He'd buy me a beer and I'd invite him to lunch.

We exchange numbers and promise to work on something together.

Me and my best friend John Cusack.


Ashley said...

If you see him, let him know I really enjoyed Martian Child (or "children of mars" as one crazy lady at work called it on Saturday!)

Newt said...

I think you just missed the boat on actually being in the movie...

Anonymous said...

this is very exciting for Fernie, British Columbia. We have been watching updates at for updates and images of the movie set/location