Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Will It Ever End?

How many spoof movies have to come out and fail miserably before the people in Hollywood realize that nearly ten years have passed since Scary Movie was funny and novel and a really well executed idea?

I ask this because the Wayans Brothers - Shawn and Marlon, not the actually funny ones like Damon and Keenen - will bring Dance Flick to theatres sometime soon, lampooning films like Save the Last Dance, Step Up and You Got Served.

For the record, my dislike of this idea has nothing to do with the fact that I own several dance infused films and everything to do with the fact that Scary Movie 2 through 96, Date Movie, The Comebacks, Superhero Movie and the rest of the useless spoof garbage that takes up space on shelves at Blockbuster absolutely suck.

Adding to my early morning frustration with the fine folks of Hollywood is a report that a Karate Kid remake is in the works too... starring Will Smith's son Christopher.

1) There will never be another Daniel LaRusso
2) There will never be another Johnny Lawrence
3) Mr. Miyagi died some time ago, so the whole "wax on, wax off" thing is out the window too.

Basically, my ultimate question of the day is this: How damn hard is it to come up with an original idea in Hollywood these days?

I know movies have been around since Christ was a cowboy but you can't tell me there aren't smart people out there penning quality scripts or adapting entertaining books.

Why must we suffer through remakes and rehashing over and over and over again?


Newt said...

Do people actually go see these movies?

DJ ILLA said...

It's probably not going to end any time soon. It seems like A lot of people are choosing live stage shows over movies nowadays anyway. Ever since i started working with Cirque I have noticed a great deal of attention put on their new collaborative work with Criss Angel. They put together a show called "Believe" and it is intense! Check out the videos online at youtube.com/cirquelasvegas. Definitely worth checking out.