Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Since When is the NY Post So Behind?

In today's New York Post, Page Six asks the question, "Is Paris Over?" after the heiress was mercilessly booed before she even took the stage at some designer's daughter's Birthday celebration over the weekend.

Memo to the New York Post: Paris Was Over A Couple Years Ago!

I never much cared for the talentless tramp, but there is no denying that there was a period of time when she was without question the most widely known and discussed member of the Pop Culture pantheon.

The Simple Life was a surprise smash for Fox.

She started "acting" in movies.

Her image was everywhere.

Like it or not, Paris Hilton was relevant, at least in a "Who gets the most media exposure?" kind of way.

But that was a couple years ago, before she became "a singer" and started dating guys named Stavros and Paris and long before she broke up with whatever Madden she was dating.

Her show on MTV, Paris Hilton's My New BFF epitomizes how over Paris truly is.

For starters, the term BFF is passe seeing as it made appearances in cell phone ads.

The ratings are horrible and more importantly there are new reality television "stars" that people have been flocking to much more fondly than Paris over the past number of years. The Heiress can't hold a candle to the cast of The Hills.

Personally, I think Paris should welcome this downturn in attention. Without the cameras constantly in her face, maybe she could spend a little time finding a career or a hobby or something other than being rich and famous for absolutely nothing.

Look at her little sister. I haven't heard word one about Nicky Hilton in ages and I betcha she's doing just fine thankyouverymuch...

The basic rule is that when you have to ask if something or someone is over, you've already answered your own question.

Paris Hilton is over. May she disappear into the sunset, never to be heard from again.

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Newt said...

Bye Bye Paris.