Saturday, November 15, 2008

Can I See My Job Description?

Because I'm positive that in the job duties and responsibilities section for "Bartender" there is no mention of cleaning windows, replacing light bulbs, standing on ladders fixing ceiling grates or any of the other bullshit that dominates my days at Kelsey's as of late.

I shouldn't be that surprised though, seeing as I haven't been a bartender once in the three weeks since I started.

It truly is amazing to me how easy solutions slide right by people and they make the worst possible choice time after time.

Instead of having three servers and a bartender all start by 12:00 when we've had a combine 67 customers since Monday, have two people sit on their asses and read a book in the bar, "On Hold" as everyone here seems to like to say and only start them if they're really needed. Saves the company money and saves the servers the frustration of being asked to wash windows and find work to keep themselves busy.

You know what kind of work I'd like to do? Serve customers food and drinks... that is what I was hired for after all.

Couple that with the restaurant's incredible ability to have the left hand be completely in the dark about what the right hand is doing and failure to ensure that even the most basic of supplies are in stock - what restaurant runs out of tomatoes... on a Thursday? - and the situation starts to look a little grim.

Fortunately, I worked Tuesday night and for the first time since I've been here, I actually worked. I had a whopping five tables... all at once... WOW!

I kid because, well, it stops me from slitting my wrists with a butter knife every day that I stand around desperate to do a little work that falls under my job specs and instead spend my afternoon dusting and slugging a ladder around.

Everyone keeps telling me things get better once the ski season starts.

My response to that?

Hurry up and snow goddammit!

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