Tuesday, November 4, 2008

History in the Making

Down the road, when we're all parents and our kids are bitching about the history test they have at the end of the week, one of the dates they'll be forced to memorized will be November 4, 2008.

On that date, they'll learn, history was made in the United States when a black man was elected President.

Then you'll tell them where you were on that day, just like you'll share with them where you were on 9/11.

* * * * * * * *

Being as I'm Canadian, some might wonder why this US Presidential Election has been such a regular topic here on iBlog over the last nine months, seeing as the results seemingly have no direct impact on my life.

However, that is not the case.

The results of this election, which final polls forecast as a sure win for Senator Barack Obama, impacts each and every one of us, regardless of nationality, age, gender and, perhaps most importantly, race.

Think about what is happening.

This time tomorrow, the next President of the United States of America, the most powerful nation in the world, will be a black man.

Forty-four years ago, segregation was still viewed as a valid practice on a wide scale in the United States.

While I certainly admit that the issue is one that still exists in our world today, the scope of this event taking place over the course of the day today should not be discounted.

A black man is going to be President and that gives me hope.

Hope that we're finally realizing that the man is more important than his skin colour.

Hope that we're deciding that the best man for the job should be in charge regardless of which side of the aisle he sits on.

Hope that those who still see Barack Obama as a black man with a Muslim sounding name come to realize that he's the one who is going to lead the United States out of the dark ages they've been stuck in for the last eight years.

Hope that one day my children won't think of a Black President as a historical achievement.


Deuce said...

Nice post Spence. I think the world is overjoyed that the American people have finally made the right choice after 2 terms of atrocity.

Hopefully this won't only bring about a change in the eyes of American, but also in the eyes of the world. Today is a big day.

Newt said...

Great post Spencer. History truly was made yesterday. Lets hope that all the amazing speeches about change can now come to life.